Welcome Friends

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It’s stupid, I know, but those little freebie soap and shampoo samples that are waiting in your hotel room for you when you check in are one of my favorite things about traveling. Even though the housekeepers are required to put them out, the act still seems thoughtful. It’s like a welcome package. My mom-mom actually does the same thing and has inspired me to start the tradition of a little DIY welcome package for guests of #patriciaspalace

Whenever I visit my grandparents in South Carolina my mom-mom always leaves a welcome note, fresh towels, a little present and my favorite treat (Swedish Fish, Milky Ways and apple juice) on the bed. It’s something I look forward to and the thoughtfulness is recognized.

In my #patriciaspalace version of the welcome package I like to include:

  • Fresh towel set… monogramed, of course
  • Scented pretty packaged toiletries such as my favorites from Coastal Salt & Soul and Currie
  • Some good reads like the local magazine Main Line Today and a good page turner I just finished up
  • Quirky coffee mug or glass accompanied by a pretty bottle of water and tea
  • My guests favorite snacks for late night cravings
  • Seasonal smelling candle with an adorable set of matches

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