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You know how say dog is a man’s best friend? Well, a good purse is a woman’s best friend. Amirite, ladies? A good bag carries everything you need to survive the day, including; your laptop, agenda book, a spare charger, some beauty products, maybe an extra pair of shoes and of course, your wallet. While an okay bag holds all of this, a great bag has it all organized in separate pockets and compartments to eliminate that black hole affect.

Well, let me introduce you gals to the bag of your dreams… meet the Ambiance Combo by Ambitious Elegance. This bag is large enough to carry all your belongings, keeping them organized and so much more. You see, it was made by a busy woman for THE busy woman. One of my favorite features is the strap on the back of the bag which was made for your rolling luggage handle to fit through so it can easily ride on top without swinging around and tripping you up.

There’s more though… it’s made in Italy so of course it is composed of the most beautiful, soft yet durable calf leather and available in 6 different classic colors! You can buy the tote alone but I recommend purchasing it with the clutch as the clutch is made to fit into the middle compartment so you can take the clutch with your wallet inside out to lunch and keep the tote under your desk. The clutch is just as versatile as the tote, it comes with a strap giving you the option of a cross body style or it folds in half with a button snap securing it shut for an even smaller look that is perfect for dinner.

If you’re looking for a work bag, travel bag, mommy bag or just an everyday bag, you need this one! PS. if you’re in the Philly area, the designer, Maddalena is local so stop by her showroom.

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