Red, White & Blue Forever

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Napkins, Mason Jars, Lantern Jar, Ceramic Knot, Matches, Place Card Holders, Star Bowl

I’ll be honest, red is probably one of my least favorite colors. It’s just so harsh and in your face (says the girl with pink walls). Slowly, though, the color red is growing on me, especially in the summer. I love the idea of a a summer cookout with red checked linens, or full on Americana like this setting with stars and stripes.

This little setting is perfect for a summer lobster meal, or even a 4th of July picnic. And not to fast forward but it also would be an adorable political election setting. Just avoid the politics talk at dinner or you might end up eating alone!

While scrolling through Pinterest one night, I stumbled upon a set of flatware tied together with rope and I knew I had to recreate the look. For $2 at Hobby Lobby I think the rope totally pulled together the look. Those hydrangeas… what else says summer in the US of A?

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