Pattern Play with Pillows

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Pineapple Pillows, Leopard Pillows, Abstract Pillow, Manhattan Pillow

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Remember the other day how I talked about updating a room simply with new accessories? Well I guess it’s the change of seasons but for some reason I’ve been doing little updates are the palace, most recently refreshing the living room with some new pillows. I loved the modern toile pillows I had on the couch but they started to look dingy after 2 years and got really flat so I switched things up with new prints.

I thought I’d share my tips for mixing prints as it can be intimidating and you don’t want it to look like a Crayola box exploded in your home. I love to mix patterns because it adds interest and layers texture within a room.

Often times designers include a color story within each collection, making pattern mixing easy and essentially already done for you. But here are some tips for you to try on your own while letting your creativity run wild:

To start it is best to mix at least three patterns in one room. Try to stick with an odd number of patterns as the asymmetrical balance keeps it from being matchy- matchy, as in you’ve tried too hard.

Next, pick a color. A color already in the room, whether it is your wall color, sofa hue or pulled from your rug. Now use this color to include in the patterns of your other pieces. Not all the pieces need to be this color but at least one should as it will tie everything together.

The most important rule in mixing patterns is to vary scale. Meaning, mix a small print with a large print. Too many large prints will be dizzying, while too many small prints don’t provide enough impact. Some patterns that always pair well? Floral with leopard, toile with stripes, ikat with dots and gingham with leafs.

If that’s still too intimating for you, dip your toes in with two similar patterns in varying size prints. For example, mix a large navy toile pattern from your curtains with a small navy toile printed pillow. For another subtle affect, try mixing in textures. A great suede or feathered pillow gives the illusion of another pattern due to its texture.

No matter how you decide to mix patterns, remember to have fun and let your home be a reflection of your personal style!

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