One Room Challenge: Week 6

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Pillows, Sofa, Side Table

So did I accomplish the One Room Challenge? In most parts… yes. However, not completely. In a matter of 6 weeks I took what wasn’t even a room, just a space above the garages without walls, a ceiling, flooring electric and turned it into a room! A room, literally from scratch, in six short weeks! Wowza!

However, there the room is not completely finished so today I’m going to use this post as another update and plan to truly unveil the space officially very shortly, so hang tight. The past week I saw the space transform the most, all the walls and ceiling were finished and the floor was installed in about 3 hours. I have to give my parents credit for this as they have lots of experience laying down floor (and perhaps a lot of patience?). Piece by piece I’ve been moving the furniture and decor in as I decorate and build two gallery walls.

So what’s left you ask?

  • Access door to storage behind the walls
  • Trim around the room
  • Closing off the stairs from the rest of the garage
  • Hanging the lighting fixtures which I’m waiting on 2 lighting fixtures that were on backorder and should arrive in a week or so
  • Getting a large table for the center of the room with benches to match
  • I’d also love to create some window treatments
  • Someday, built in window seats (this won’t be part of the final reveal but instead something I hope to do later down the road)

While I didn’t kick the #ORC in the butt, all in all I’m so proud of the progress made in 6 short weeks! Within the next month I plan to share official final reveal of the space so please check back.

2 Responses to One Room Challenge: Week 6

  1. such a fun modern rustic space! i love the wood walls with that blue sofa!

  2. What a cozy retreat! Congrats on this awesome reveal!

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