One Room Challenge: Week 2


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Here’s where we are this week for the One Room Challenge… The insulation is all installed.  I had to go around the room and choose where I wanted outlets located. The room actually gets a good amount of light as it has 4 windows and 5 spots for overhead lighting so I don’t see much need for floor lamps but ample outlets are always a bonus.

Speaking of lighting, I ordered this large chandelier and these 2 small ones for the center of the room from Bellacor. I think the antique gold will coordinate well with the studs on the Taylor Burke Home side table and my equestrian antique finds. I don’t know if you’ve ever ordered anything from Bellacor but I highly recommend using them for your lighting needs. Their inventory is huge with them carrying just about every brand of lighting and at any price point.

I was delighted when I opened up my mailbox earlier this week and found the Cotton & Quill fabric samples inside. These patterns are even more stunning in person as the prints are a lot larger than I thought and their colors so vivid. I’m using them for the throw pillows on the sofa and eventually the top of the window seats.

Lastly, I went to my local antique mall and scooped up some equine prints for the walls and 2 brass fox horn candle holders. Luckily, my Aunt Brenda agreed to give me some of her horse-y decor pieces too for the space.

Well, that’s where we are for week 2. Follow along on Instagram from more.

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