Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

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Jacket, Shirt c/o Duffield Lane, Jeans, Boots, Hat

Growing up we had a “fake” tree. Well actually, we had a real one for a few years when I was little but whenever we replanted them they would die so we got a fake tree instead (to save the planet before it was cool). Last year was the first year in my adult life I got a real tree and to be honest the whole experience is a lot better. Instead of lugging a big fake one up from the basement, trying to put together the parts so they align just right, going to a tree farm, picking out and cutting down your tree just makes the perfect Christmas tradition!

This past weekend we went and got our tree, I searched the whole tree farm Goldie Locks style. This one’s too small, this one’s too dead, this one’s too thin but THIS one is just right! I think we found the perfect one if I do say so myself. So tell me, do you get a fake tree or a real one?

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