Puppy Pajama Party

Photography by Carly Landolt Photo

Pajamas c/o Malabar Bay

This post is kind of ironic as every since I got Marty & Miles I have not been able to sleep in past 6am. I’m not complaining though because they sleep through the night without waking up until 6. I just sometimes miss those weekends sleeping in until 9. I feel like this is what it may be like to be a new mom?

Anyways, everyone knows I love pajama sets. Growing up and in college all my friends slept in gym shorts and a sorority tee but I always wore pajama sets. They are so luxurious and make me feel put together even sans makeup and my hair a mess. I think my love for pajamas started growing up when my Mom-mom made it a tradition to give my cousins and I pajamas every Christmas eve. My collection and love grew from there.

Recently I discovered Malabar Bay and was not disappointed. The fabrics are thick in quality, soft in touch and come in the most cute patterns. They have a full collection of loungewear with shorts, pajama sets, nightgowns and even robes.  I’m hooked!

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