Olive Another 28th Bday

Pictures by Abbe Foreman

Dress Suite by Jennifer Diederich, Headband Vintage (similar), Earrings Vintage (similar), Record Player, Cups & Napkins by Sequins & Lipstick, Napkin Holder, Plastic Cocktail Shakers, Candy Cigarettes, Candy Olives  Cake & Cookies by CupKates Cake Bakery , Hair & Makeup by Something You

First off, sorry for the week or so of silence but besides having and awful start to 2018 (I have a cyst on my wrist, more health issues, I fell on ice, etc.) I got puppies! More on that soon but today I wanted to share a peek into my 28th birthday party!

If you know me, you know that every year I pick a different theme for my birthday. Last year was Havana if you remember. This year? Mad Men and the 1960s. Fun, right? The inspiration actually believe it or not was this baby blue vintage bow headband I found at an antique mall in South Carolina while visiting my family over Thanksgiving.

From there I worked with Jennifer of Suite by Jennifer Diederich. If you don’t know her you need to check out her store now! I literally want one of everything, so girly, chic and a subtle vintage flair. I sent Jennifer a picture of the headband and from there we worked on fabric to match and a flattering shape. I think she totally nailed it, even Betty Draper would be jealous! Allison from Something You completed my vintage look with a retro cat eye and a bouffant to die for.

I had Kate from CupKate’s Cake Bakery make my cookies and cake as always. She took inspiration from the pattern on my dress and the colors in my party invite made by my gal Kelsey. The funniest part? Kelsey also Photoshopped my friend’s heads on the Mad Men characters. LOL!

For decor and decorations I worked with Sequins & Lipstick to customize some cups and napkins under my “Olive Another” theme. Personalization is such a fun touch on any party.

Lastly, I got plastic cocktail shakers from Amazon and filled them with custom matches, vintage drink stirrers and candy cigarettes for guest to take home as a party favor.

What do you guys think?

2 Responses to Olive Another 28th Bday

  1. Patti says:

    amazing as always!

  2. Tammy Walden says:

    Yaee for cute parties and puppies! So cute 🙂

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