Mark Your Calendars

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Lydia Marie Elizabeth Calendar (c/o)

I’m super old school in the fact that I refuse to use my iPhone calendar and nothing irks me more than when someone sends a Google Calendar event for a meeting. I prefer to keep my dates straight with a traditional desk calendar and agenda book. Each year I look forward to new calendar designs and picking out which one will be lucky enough to be perched on my desk.

For 2017 I’m so happy I stumbled upon Lydia Marie Elizabeth via Instagram. Not only is she also based in Philly but her illustrations are gorgeous. I love that she focuses on interiors and her explanation for why she does this. She says, “I paint interiors because it is an unexpected portrait of the persons who live in the space.  There is a character and emotion behind all my portraits.  The spaces we surround ourselves with mold and shape who we are and how we respond to other people and events in our lives.” I couldn’t agree more and think the same way about #patriciaspalace.

Today her 2017 calendars launch. So go scoop up one of your own and let me know which month in it is your favorite. September is mine!

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