Holly Jolly

Photography by Abbe Forman Photography

Sweater and Skirt c/o J. McLaughlin, Bracelets

I’m full on in holiday mode. My schedule is packed with multiple parties a week, I only have one present left to buy and I’m feeling holly and jolly! This outfit is certainly helping, have you ever seen something so festive in fun. Its perfect for a party… or just meandering through a Christmas tree farm. 😉 Anyways, today I thought I’d share my December bucket list, things I hope to see and do over the Christmas season:

  1. Pick and chop down a real tree- growing up I had a fake tree but over the the past couple of years Will and I have been going to Varner Farms and picking out a real Christmas tree. I take pride in picking the perfect one. Are you a real or fake tree type of home?
  2. Listen to The Glorious Sound of Christmas by the Philadelphia Orchestra- this has become a new tradition and favorite thanks to Will’s mom and I can’t wait to attend again this year!
  3. Watch my favorite Christmas movies- my favorites include It’s a Wonderful Life, The Holiday and Elf. Each season I can’t wait to put on my jammies and pour a cup of hot cocoa.
  4. Host a Christmas party- I’m brining my annual Christmas party back this year after a 2 year hiatus, it actually is this Saturday and I’m so excited to get festive with my friends!
  5. Visit Longwood Gardens- I live 5 minutes away from Longwood Gardens so there is no excuse not to visit every year for Christmas. If you can make it I highly suggest a visit, it truly is the most beautiful Christmas display of flowers, lights, plants and more.
  6. Make cookies- I’m not a big baker (or cook) but I love making my Aunt Brenda’s “Monster Cookies” recipe each season. It’s so indulgent but a must!
  7. Give back- this year I’m determined to give back in some way, either by sponsoring a child to buy Christmas gifts for or donating bones and blankets to a local animal shelter. I also plan to make a little cheer box for my mailman, UPS and FedEx men.
  8. Celebrate my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary. My parents got married on Christmas eve so December 24th every year we have my dad’s side of the family over to celebrate Christmas and their anniversary.
  9. Go and watch The Nutcracker- I’m sharing more of this on Monday but The Nutcracker by the Pennsylvania Ballet was a tradition from going up I loved and I’m already looking forward to it this season.
  10. Christmas Jammies- when I was little my Mom-mom would always get my cousins and I a new pair of PJs on Christmas eve to wear that night. Its something I look forward to and the reason why I love matching pajama sets.

What are some of your traditions or things on your holiday bucket list?

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