Guest Bathroom Reno Plan

I purchased my home about three years ago and while I do love most everything in it, there are some spaces I’m ready to refresh. One of those being my guest bathroom which also serves as a powder room as it’s right off the entrance.

The deep navy blue it’s currently painted is a beautiful, rich color but doesn’t flow with the rest of the house. And to be honest I’m just itching to put some wallpaper up. I know, I know… wallpaper is one of those things you love or hate and is such a pain to install and takedown but I just adore a fun pattern!

I’ve committed to this Quadrille Sigourney wallpaper. It’s fresh, bold, colorful but also still a classic in their collection. I’m switching out my antique wooden vanity for a marble and white one as I quickly learned wood is a pain to constantly clean water and toothpaste off of (not that marble will be much easier I suppose). I’ll be jazzing up the new vanity with some Addison Weeks hardware, seriously so glam!

Above the vanity I’m going to hang this lucite mirror from Bellacor with these golden Sazerac Stitches sconces. Oh and I can’t forget the custom lucite towel bar and toilet paper holder from Sloane Lucite.

I’m still debating on the shower curtain, bath mat, etc. but at least the big components are in place. Stay tuned….

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