Fourth of July Favor

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Are you ready for the quickest party favor DIY ever? Of course, you are! I was in Homegoods the other day in the mile long maze that they call a line. You know, the one where they conveniently have all the knick- knacks and random notepads that you don’t really need but after waiting ten minutes next to it then somehow it ends up in your cart? Every time.

Well they had little jars filled with colorful seasonal candy and it got me thinking that it would make such a cute and easy party favor.


  • Mason jar with lid
  • Seasonal candy or treats (I think popcorn or granola would be great too!)
  • Ribbon


  1. Open your mason jar
  2. Fill it up to the brim with your candy or treats
  3. Twist your lid on and tie with a festive ribbon. You could even add a gift tag with their name if you’re feeling fancy.

Take that Homegoods!

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