Fiesta Like There’s No Manana

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Tattoos, MustachesPiñatas, Table Cloth, Sombrero, Bar Cart

You could kind of say I’m addicted to Mexican food and living right outside of Kennett Square it’s quite convenient that authentic chips and guac are just a short drive down the road. This year I certainly was not going to let Cinco de Mayo pass without celebrating.

In true Patricia fashion it was full of color and maybe a few sparkly mini piñatas too… For the food options, I decided to do a burrito bowl bar with grilled chicken and a selection of toppings including cheese, peppers, beans, tomatoes, lettuce and of course guac!

For drinks we stocked the barcart with flavored Mexican sodas and Costco tequila (because it’s just as good as the other stuff and like 5x bigger!). The biggest hit though might have been the party favors of faux mustaches and temporary tattoos. I keep mistaking the mustaches for caterpillars, as I’m still finding them around the house weeks later.

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