Faux Cactus Piñata DIY

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A piece of my fiesta party décor was the faux cactus piñatas I made. They were incredibly easy to make but VERY time consuming. These little guys received a lot of compliments and some people even thought I bought them from a store so I figured I’d share the DIY steps with you.


  • 2 toilet paper rolls or 1 wrapping paper roll
  • Green tissue paper

Red, purple, pink or yellow tissue paper *optional for flower


  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Turn on a mindless Netflix movie… you’ll thank me when you’re on hour 3 of cutting tissue paper.
  2. Cut about an inch off of one of the toilet paper rolls
  3. Now take the piece you just cut and cut it again so that it no longer is in the shape of a circle
  4. Using the cut piece roll back together but slightly thinner in width (this will be your cactus’ branch). You may want to cut a little more off so that the overlap isn’t too much. Once you have to your liking glue back together so that it will not move apart.
  5. Take the cut piece and hot glue to the uncut toilet paper roll about 1 inch up from the bottom
  6. Cut a small square (about 2×2”) of tissue paper and hot glue the tissue paper to the top of your toilet paper cactus
  7. Cut 1 inch tall strips of tissue paper about 4 inches long (you’ll need a lot of these so just keep cutting)
  8. Now comes the fun part…. cut slits halfway up and spaced about a quarter of an inch apart on each piece of tissue paper
  9. Wrap the strips around the toilet paper and hot glue them on the top
  10. Keep doing so as you slightly layer piece over piece. Do this all the way to the top and on your branch as well
  11. If you’d like a flower on your cactus cut a 2×2” square piece of colored tissue paper and scrunch into a ball then hot glue where your branch meets the trunk of your cactus

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