Erica B Jefferson

Stationary c/o Erica B Jefferson

Call me old fashioned but I still believe in snail mail. Specifically the importance of handwriting thank you notes to show gratitude. A text or email might be easier but there’s something special about opening the mailbox and finding a note instead of junk advertisements.

I write thank you notes for presents, dinners and just the occasional “hey, I though of you”.  Whenever I find cute stationary I stock up, I have a drawer in my office just dedicated to stationary and cards. The latest to my drawer? Erica B Jefferson stationary! Her designs are preppy yet classic and can be customized with a name or monogram. Literally all of her designs I love and had such a hard time picking which one to get. You truly can’t go wrong!

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  1. Donna Clark says:

    I’d like to purchase the blue and white chinoserie stationary but don’t see how to order?

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