Entertaining Essentials

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Dinner Plate c/o, Salad Plate, Flatware, Napkin (vintage but similar), Napkin Ring (similar), Placemat, Tablecloth (similar), Glasses (vintage but similar), Place Card, Ginger Jar (similar)

Besides the obvious of good conversation and delicious food there are a few other elements that I believe are a must for entertaining. No matter if you’re just entertaining one friend or a group of twenty, the elements you always need are fresh flowers, soft lighting and beautiful plates.

When it comes to flowers I don’t discriminate, I love cheap “filler” flowers just as much as an in-season peony and their ability to bring nature indoors. Let’s be honest, the best kind of lighting comes from the flame of a candle, everyone’s skin looks like a Snapchat filter with candlelight!

Now there’s something about a good plate… whether it’s a mixed, matched antique set from your grandmother, a fun print on a paper plate or a multi-purpose modern day porcelain that’s dishwasher and microwave safe. These B By Brandie plates exactly the latter. Their colors are bold, their patterns fun and they’re perfect for mix and matching. Think of them as a modern day heirloom that you’ll have for years but use on the daily. I already am trying to decide which pattern I’ll buy next!

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