Drink Hottie Tottie

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Hottie Tottie

To be honest, I don’t like soda. I just don’t care for the carbonated fizz and weird flavors. It’s not a vice of mine, so I’ve avoided the Diet Coke addiction and that weird phase of Crystal Pepsi in the 90s. So what is my vice? Juice! Apple, cranberry, grape, raspberry… I love it all but I am aware of the high sugar content. Whomp. Whomp.

Last month though I discovered Hottie Tottie, the most delicious line of juices and teas. These chic little glass bottles are packed with organic, non artificial ingredients and they’re low in sugar. I know, I know but do they taste good? As a self proclaimed juice connoisseur I do so declare, they are yummy! The green tea flavor can be chilled or warmed up for a winter treat. The raspberry pineapple cranberry flavor is perfection with champagne for a summer cocktail.  Refreshing and versatile! You can find out more here.

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