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The Perfect Fit

Dress, Bracelet, Sunglasses

Last winter during the PHL Pop Up Shops I was introduced to Virginia Dare Dress Co. At that point the brand was still in it’s fundraising phases but the designs and messaging total stuck with me. All these months lady while scrolling through Instagram I saw the Camilla dress and had to have it. The toile-like print is totally classic and the shape is very flattering.

The designer and founder, Rebekah originally worked as a photographer and her search for a beautiful yet comfortable dress drove her to creating Virginia Dare Dress Co. Mostly all of the dresses are machine washable and my favorite part is they come in petite, regular and tall. For someone 5’1″ this is major. I constantly have to get my clothes altered as dresses tend to have a hem way to long for my petite legs and I’m always having to get the straps pulled up as well for my short torso.

I was so happy when I tried on this dress and I didn’t need to change a thing!  If you’re short, tall or in between… I suggest you give their dresses a try for yourself to see.

Beauty Favorites

Cosmetic Bag c/o The Blush Label

I’ve never been a huge makeup girl. While I can kind of do my hair, makeup is something I just have no talent in. Or maybe it’s patience for? However, even though I may only put on eyeshadow once a month, there are a few staples I swear by when it comes to my beauty routine.

1- Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Stick Foundation– A local makeup artist, B Wilson actually turned me onto this product. Previously I had never even used a MUFE product. This however is a game changer. It’s fool proof, gives flawless coverage while making your skin glow but without the shine.

2- Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder– My skin leans towards the dry side and often times powders can make my skin look more dry and highlight the dead skin. This powder is super lightweight that it doesn’t cake on.

3-  Benefit ka-BROW– I’ve been blessed with full brows but cursed with uneven ones. This brow gel is easy to apply, giving you all the control you need and it doesn’t rub off throughout the day like some others I’ve used in the past.

4- Kevin Aucoin Matte Lip Color– I love a gold lip color, the bolder the better! However, I hate the feeling of wearing lipstick, it feels sticky and unnatural. This product I was introduced to by Houppette Beauty and feels like I’m wearing nothing on my lip but gives a vibrant color.

5- Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs– Ever since a teenager I have loved perfume. I think it all started with the Britney Spears’ Fantasy scent (embarrassing). I’d like to think my sense of smell has evolved since then as now my signature is Daisy Dream.

What are your favorites when it comes to beauty?

Minty Fresh Scallops

Dress c/o Duffield Lane, Earrings, Art

Is it just me or is this the longest winter ever? And it’s only February! Luckily, when I was at AtlantaMart a few weeks ago I got a dose of spring with the a sneak peek of my favorite brand’s upcoming warm weather collections. Like this, from Duffield Lane.

When I stopped in the Duffield Lane booth and starting browsing through the resort and spring pieces I stopped when I came to this adorable dress. I mean scallops? Sold. Now just imagine I had a tan too and wasn’t pasty white. Trust me, you too will wear it all spring long.

Winter Plaids

Shoes c/o Lauren Lorraine, Leggings, Sweater, Earrings

Every year I can’t wait to put up my Christmas decorations. It takes everything in my to not put them up before Thanksgiving. I usually wait until the weekend right after Thanksgiving to put them up, and that’s just about as long as I can wait. However, as quickly as they go up, they go down as well.

By NYE I had my Christmas decorations down but couldn’t part with taking the wreath off my door. I consider it more of a winter pieces than Christmas, ya know? Another thing that I don’t retire post Christmas? Plaid. It’s in heavy rotation all winter long. A cold weather wardrobe staple. I love mixing plaids with leather and bling (just like I did here) to keep from looking like a Scottish kilt or Christmas dinner tablecloth.


Christmas OOTD

Dress c/o Elizabeth Mckay, Earrings, Clutch

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and are kicking off 2017 in all the right ways! I wanted to share my Christmas outfit today. As you know, Christmas is my favorite holiday (followed closely by my own birthday). I love the festivities, the annual lunch with my family and celebrating my parent’s anniversary.

Growing up one of my favorite things was picking out my Christmas outfit. I’d plan it weeks in advance, as it’s an opportunity to get a little more dressy than usual, wearing sparkles or plaids and velvets. Once I spotted this Elizabeth Mckay dress I knew it was the one! It’s plaid, has a fitted waist and get this… pockets! Yes, everything is better with pockets. I paired it with this monogrammed clutch Will got me for Christmas (thanks bf!), the monogram snaps on and off so you can use it with your other Grateful brand bags too. Genius!

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

dsc_1354 dsc_1356 dsc_1377 dsc_1378 dsc_1381

Jacket, Shirt c/o Duffield Lane, Jeans, Boots, Hat

Growing up we had a “fake” tree. Well actually, we had a real one for a few years when I was little but whenever we replanted them they would die so we got a fake tree instead (to save the planet before it was cool). Last year was the first year in my adult life I got a real tree and to be honest the whole experience is a lot better. Instead of lugging a big fake one up from the basement, trying to put together the parts so they align just right, going to a tree farm, picking out and cutting down your tree just makes the perfect Christmas tradition!

This past weekend we went and got our tree, I searched the whole tree farm Goldie Locks style. This one’s too small, this one’s too dead, this one’s too thin but THIS one is just right! I think we found the perfect one if I do say so myself. So tell me, do you get a fake tree or a real one?

Thanksgiving In Aiken

dsc_1273 dsc_1274dsc_1281 dsc_1292 dsc_1331 dsc_1335 dsc_1322


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family followed by lots of shopping (ie. Black Friday and Small Business Saturday). I spent the holiday doing the same with my family in Aiken, South Carolina. We even started a new tradition this year with attending the Blessing of the Hounds at Hitchcock Woods. It was the perfect weather, maybe even too warm for my cozy sweater but I thought it fit the occasion to a tee! If there’s one thing you should know about it’s that I love dressing the part, whatever it is, give me a theme and I’ll run with it!

But back to Isle Field, let me introduce you to this warm and luxurious brand of knits with just the right mix of preppy, classic and fun.  Their styles are ageless so they’d make the perfect gift for everyone from the bestie to your mom. Next on my list is this one!

Thanksgiving Wardrobe

dsc_1129 dsc_1146 dsc_1151 dsc_1169Top, Pants, Earrings

Let’s be real, when it comes to the holidays style is all about the sparkle and the comfort! It’s about looking cute but still being able to eat all the stuffing and turkey without worrying about sucking in your tummy. It’s about wearing clothes that once the tryptophan kicks in you can still bend into a pretzel and sleep on the sofa without being scared of wrinkles. Right, guys?

That’s where this outfit comes in. These pants you see? They’re really leggings but super cute with leather and the stretchiest waist. Oh and the top? Peplum styles cinch in your natural waist and hide your “food baby” with the extra fabric perfectly well placed. Top it all off with some sparkly tassels and you’re set to enjoy family time and good food without wrestling with your wardrobe.

Sweater Weather

dsc_0813 dsc_0815 dsc_0827 dsc_0839

Sweater and Leggings from Posh Collections, Shoes (old), Earrings

Every fall/winter I have a go-to sweater. The kind that goes with just about everything, can easily be dressed down with leggings for snuggling at home or dressed up with a skirt and heels. It’s cozy warm but not frumpy. THIS sweater is that sweater for me this season. When I saw it at Posh Collections, I had to have it!

Speaking of sweater weather, now that we’re well into fall I’ve started making my fall bucket list. Just a few things I want to squeeze in before the holidays and winter approaches. Here’s what I’m hoping to do:

  1. Make a pie
  2. Carve a pumpkin
  3. Decorate the front porch with mums and said pumpkin
  4. Watch a new scary movie
  5. See The Girl On The Train in theaters
  6. Make a fire in the fireplace one chilly evening
  7. Visit a fall festival
  8. Go for a hike and look at the changing leaves

What do you hope to enjoy this fall?

Pattern Play with Pillows

dsc_0953 dsc_0964 dsc_0968 dsc_0975 dsc_0980 dsc_0983 dsc_0989

Pineapple Pillows, Leopard Pillows, Abstract Pillow, Manhattan Pillow

My Outfit: Pants, Top, Earrings, Heels (same brand, different style)

Remember the other day how I talked about updating a room simply with new accessories? Well I guess it’s the change of seasons but for some reason I’ve been doing little updates are the palace, most recently refreshing the living room with some new pillows. I loved the modern toile pillows I had on the couch but they started to look dingy after 2 years and got really flat so I switched things up with new prints.

I thought I’d share my tips for mixing prints as it can be intimidating and you don’t want it to look like a Crayola box exploded in your home. I love to mix patterns because it adds interest and layers texture within a room.

Often times designers include a color story within each collection, making pattern mixing easy and essentially already done for you. But here are some tips for you to try on your own while letting your creativity run wild:

To start it is best to mix at least three patterns in one room. Try to stick with an odd number of patterns as the asymmetrical balance keeps it from being matchy- matchy, as in you’ve tried too hard.

Next, pick a color. A color already in the room, whether it is your wall color, sofa hue or pulled from your rug. Now use this color to include in the patterns of your other pieces. Not all the pieces need to be this color but at least one should as it will tie everything together.

The most important rule in mixing patterns is to vary scale. Meaning, mix a small print with a large print. Too many large prints will be dizzying, while too many small prints don’t provide enough impact. Some patterns that always pair well? Floral with leopard, toile with stripes, ikat with dots and gingham with leafs.

If that’s still too intimating for you, dip your toes in with two similar patterns in varying size prints. For example, mix a large navy toile pattern from your curtains with a small navy toile printed pillow. For another subtle affect, try mixing in textures. A great suede or feathered pillow gives the illusion of another pattern due to its texture.

No matter how you decide to mix patterns, remember to have fun and let your home be a reflection of your personal style!