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Building a Cheeseboard

Photography by Minh Cao of Du Soleil Photographie


Want to know a weird fact about me? As of two months ago I am allergic to dairy. I actually always have wondered if I was allergic to dairy because I have never liked milk (even as a baby), don’t really enjoy ice cream and ever since I was little when I would eat very creamy foods my throat would get tight and itchy. No one ever understood what I meant when I said that and would just dismiss it for me being a drama queen. Then when I brought it up to my doctor two months ago (why it took me 27 years to bring it up idk) and she suggested I get a blood test to see if I was allergic to dairy.  Well turns out I am!

Anyway, despite being allergic I always have loved a good cheese board and still indulge from time to time. No only is a cheese board a crowd favorite because they are delicious but they are relatively easy to put together. No cooking or baking, just a simple formula of each type of cheese to pick up at the market and a cute board to display it on.

Feel free to print out the chart I put together above and take to the grocery store. Here’s what every cheese board should include:

Soft- think brie and goat cheese. something easy to spread on crackers or bread

Semi-Firm- your gouda (a personal favorite), gouda and macho

Blue- your funky cheeses like gorgonzola, they are a bit stinky and nice and soft

Aged- asiago, pecorino, parmigiana, aged gouda but you could also do an aged goat cheese if you prefer something softer

Provence In My Dining Room

Photography by Minh Cao Du Soleil Photography

Tablecloth c/o Pomegranate Inc, Napkins c/o Pomegranate Inc., Cups (similar), Chargers, Plates, Flatware, Napkin Holders, Candles, Topiary Trees, Topiary Balls

In the bleak of dreary winter I’m brining you so greenery! Just because it’s bitter and gray outside doesn’t mean your table has to be that way too. Truthfully, it’s sunshine at #patriciaspalace daily as I’m a vibrant color lover.

Sometimes the inspiration for a party or table setting stems from something I’ve seen in a book, or maybe just a unique piece of decor, truly I get inspired in all sorts of ways. This table however was inspired by Pomegranate Inc.’s Provence pattern. It reminds me of a Quadrille fabric, as it’s classic but still a touch of whimsy. I could see it used for a spring wedding, a darling baby shower or even a sophisticated graduation party. Today however, I’m just using it for dinner.

Bubbly Bar for NYE

Photography by Minh Cao of Du Soleil Photographie

Glasses, Mini Disco Balls, Disco Ball, Drink Stirrers, Ice Bucket, Bracelets

2018 is just days away! I don’t know if I’m ready for it yet, I feel like 2017 just started but I am excited for new adventures, opportunities and goals in 2018. Before I sit down to write my resolutions though I’m sharing a very easy New Years party idea…. a bubbly bar!

All you need is some bubbly and then a variety of fruit to garnish your drink. Did I say it was easy or what? If you’re an overachiever add to your grocery list a variety of juices as well, such as orange juice, peach and pineapple too. This is a fun interactive activity for your guests that lets them be the bartender and you as the host enjoy the party.

What are your NYE plans? Do you go all out or keep it casual at home?

DIY Prosecco Pong Party

Photography by Minh Cao of Du Soleil Photographie

Faux Chandelier, Sequin Runner, Napkins (similar) Balls, Plastic Flutes, Prosecco TeeSilver Heels (similar) Leopard Booties, Sequin Bomber Jacket, Jewelry

Can you believe Christmas is over? It came and went before I could blink! I hope you had a very merry one though with your family. Switching gears to the next holiday I wanted to share some inspiration for New Years with a Prosseco Pong party!

You may have seen the Prosecco Pong kits that were all the buzz on the internet a few months ago. A super fun idea and adorable packaging but $30 for the kit?! Today I’m sharing how to DIY the kit and a party for that matter.

You see, you can buy these cups and these balls for a grand total of $17, plus free shipping thanks to Amazon Prime, while being left with a lot of extra cups and balls too. Or buy the kit starting at $25. I went the creative (or cheap-o) route, invited my friend Becca of Peaches to Pen over and put together a fun Prosecco Pong party.

For this type of party I suggest lots of glitter and sequins, after all it’s a glamorous twist on a college frat game! To amp up the glitz I used a sequin table runner, cute napkins and this colorful faux chandelier by my friend Nicole of Chandelier by NK. Her chandeliers are super easy to hang, lightweight and come in so many colors and designs. They are perfect for an party.

Do you think you’ll try this fun party idea?

Setting the Table for Christmas

Photography by Deb Putter Photography

Dress, Shoes, Napkins, Wrapping Paper, Candle Holders

I recently shared my Christmas decor and today I wanted to share my Christmas table setting. There’s something about this time of year that makes me want to have people over constantly and play hostess. There’s also something about this time of year that makes me want to buy everything tartan. Seriously, how many holiday tartan skirts, shirts and shoes can a gal have?

Anyways, I found this blue willow set in red at an antique mall in South Carolina and after my Aunt Brenda haggled with the vendor I knew I had to have it. Mixing the chinoiserie feel with the Christmas tartans is such a fun combo and my own take on a holiday table.

Are you hosting friends and family for the holiday? How are you setting your table?

Deck the Palms

Photography by Minh of Du Soleil Photographie

Invitations and Place Cards by Nico & LaLa, Flowers by Event Loft PA, Cookies from CupKate’s Cake Bakery, Clothing from Sail to Sable, Jewelry by Lisi Lerch and Brynn Hudson, Drinks from Sipp, Ornaments by Megan Carn, Napkin Rings, Trays & Clutches from Marley Lilly, Cocktail Napkins from August Morgan, Cookie Plate from AnnieGlass, Napkins from House of Brooke,

A few weeks ago I hosted three of my favorite blogger friends; Rhiana of Wear Bows and Smiles and Alex and Kim of The Style Chronicles for a girl’s Christmas brunch that I decided to call “Deck the Palms”.

I’m going to keep this post super short because I want you to pop over to Pizzazzerie who is featuring the full post. I was so happy Courtney of Pizzazzerie loved the shoot and was willing to feature it on her site. I absolutely adore her style and she is one of my hostess idols. The second her book came out I bought it (and I suggest you do too). Anyways, head on over to Pizzazzerie to learn more about this get together and stay tuned at 9pm EST tonight for a fun giveaway via Instagram.

Nutcracker Inspired Table

Photography by Abbe Forman

Ring, Skirt, Cookie Cutters, Table Runner, Plates

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is seeing the Nutcracker by the Pennsylvania Ballet. I grew up dancing (tap, ballet, hip-hop, jazz, you name it) so my mom started taking me to see the Nutcracker when I was little. I have to say growing up my parents did a great job of introducing me to different forms of art and instilling creativity. As an adult I still look forward to seeing the ballet, even though it’s the same exact show year in and year out.

I wanted to set a kid’s table inspired by my favorite Christmas tradition. In this setting I used actual nutcracker dolls just like Clara’s, of various sizes. I included mini Christmas trees because as a child everyone recalls the growing Christmas tree in the first act. I’ve included gum drops and candy canes inspired by the various lands the Prince brings Clara to visit. Finally instead of traditional napkin rings I opted for cookie cutters, so the kids can bring a little gift home with them as a party favor.

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

Festive Sipp

Photography by Abbe Forman

Ready for another super easy holiday cocktail? Of course you are! The holidays always mean last minute visitors, parties on the go and with all the chaos it’s nice to have a 3 ingredients cocktails ready to go.



  1. Fill 3/4 of your champagne flute with chilled bubbly
  2. Fill the last 1/4 with Sipp Ruby Rose
  3. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary

A Vintage Christmas

Photography by Ashlee Mintz

Hair & Makeup by Something You Onsite, Clothing from Revivals Boutique, Decor from White Horse Fabric & Design

I’ve collaborated with my friend Ashley a few times in the past as she has been our host for Main Line Fashion Week. If you’re not familiar with Ashley she is a stylist and blogger based here in the Philly burbs and also known as @mainlinefashionista. I love Ashley’s genuinely sweet personality and her appreciation for vintage fashions. A few weeks ago an idea for a vintage inspired Christmas party popped in my head. I knew Ashley was the girl I had to work with on this project.

I texted Ashley on my way to SC for Thanksgiving and she immediately said she was in. We had a week to pull it all together and with many bumps along the way, I might add! First the original venue we wanted to shoot at was booked, then we had a sick makeup artist and our go-to vintage boutique was too busy to be a part of this fun shoot. However, we somehow managed to pull it all off and ended up working with the best team ever!

Ashley styled our outfits with Revivals putting me in an Alice & Olivia number and herself in vintage Dolce & Gabbana. Her inspiration for my look was Audrey Hepburn and I’d say her look was a little more Grace Kelly (or Megan and Betty Draper as I like to think). Heather from Something You On Site gave me the most magical bouffant updo and cat eyes while styling Ashley with big curls and a bold red lip.

I decorated our table with a few pieces from White Horse Fabric & Design as well as a mix of vintage pieces from my own collection. The deep hues in the table cloth with a touch of gold accessories perfectly reflected off the candlelight to set the mood. I finished the table with some greenery to tie in the rustic barn setting.

I’d say all in all it came out perfectly, especially for pulling it together in less than a week. What do you think?

Ornament Cocktail

Photography by Minh Cao of Du Soleil Photographie

Ornament, Runner, Straws

Now that Thanksgiving is over we can officially go in full speed ahead Christmas mode, right? Today I’m sharing another festive cocktail with Sipp. This one is super simple (there’s only 2 ingredients) but what really matters is the presentation.

Get ready to blow your friend’s minds at your next holiday party with a cocktail in a Christmas ornament!


  • Clear Christmas ornament (I suggest a plastic one but you could use glass too)
  • 4 oz chilled Sipp’s Mojo Berry
  • 1 1/2 oz vodka
  • Festive straw


  1. Take your metal ornament top off
  2. Pour 1 1/2 oz of vodka into ornament
  3. Pour 4oz of Sipp Mojo Berry into ornament
  4. Add a festive straw to sip with (or should I say Sipp with)

Note: Serve immediately as you cannot fit ice into the ornament, hence why the Sipp mixer should be chilled ahead. You can also top off your drink with a dash of bubbly.