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A Blissful Nest Guest Post


Have you sent out your holiday cards yet or started to receive them? Well, today on A Blissful Nest I’m sharing this easy DIY card holder. Pop on over and check it out. Let me know what you think!

One Room Challenge: Week 6

img_6524 img_6525 img_6526 img_6529 img_6536 img_6549

Pillows, Sofa, Side Table

So did I accomplish the One Room Challenge? In most parts… yes. However, not completely. In a matter of 6 weeks I took what wasn’t even a room, just a space above the garages without walls, a ceiling, flooring electric and turned it into a room! A room, literally from scratch, in six short weeks! Wowza!

However, there the room is not completely finished so today I’m going to use this post as another update and plan to truly unveil the space officially very shortly, so hang tight. The past week I saw the space transform the most, all the walls and ceiling were finished and the floor was installed in about 3 hours. I have to give my parents credit for this as they have lots of experience laying down floor (and perhaps a lot of patience?). Piece by piece I’ve been moving the furniture and decor in as I decorate and build two gallery walls.

So what’s left you ask?

  • Access door to storage behind the walls
  • Trim around the room
  • Closing off the stairs from the rest of the garage
  • Hanging the lighting fixtures which I’m waiting on 2 lighting fixtures that were on backorder and should arrive in a week or so
  • Getting a large table for the center of the room with benches to match
  • I’d also love to create some window treatments
  • Someday, built in window seats (this won’t be part of the final reveal but instead something I hope to do later down the road)

While I didn’t kick the #ORC in the butt, all in all I’m so proud of the progress made in 6 short weeks! Within the next month I plan to share official final reveal of the space so please check back.

One Room Challenge: Week 5


fullsizerender img_6497

Oh boy, oh boy! I’m going to keep this post short and sweet as I’m busy working on #patriciaspartypad… we’re in the final stretch and still have oh so much left to do! I’m also keeping it short today because there isn’t a whole lot to share visually this week.

Last week a lot of progress was made, the ceiling was completed which leaves us left to do some trim work and just a few more small pieces in the window nooks. This coming weekend we’re hoping to finish those up and work on putting the floor down. Then it’s my favorite part… decorating!

So many pieces have been coming in like these Cotton & Quill pillows, the sofa, coffee table and a ton of decor! I’ve been plotting out the gallery wall for weeks and I’m chomping at the bit (get it, get it?) to put it up.

Sorry for the short post but off to do more work!

One Room Challenge: Week 2


img_6084 img_6115

Here’s where we are this week for the One Room Challenge… The insulation is all installed.  I had to go around the room and choose where I wanted outlets located. The room actually gets a good amount of light as it has 4 windows and 5 spots for overhead lighting so I don’t see much need for floor lamps but ample outlets are always a bonus.

Speaking of lighting, I ordered this large chandelier and these 2 small ones for the center of the room from Bellacor. I think the antique gold will coordinate well with the studs on the Taylor Burke Home side table and my equestrian antique finds. I don’t know if you’ve ever ordered anything from Bellacor but I highly recommend using them for your lighting needs. Their inventory is huge with them carrying just about every brand of lighting and at any price point.

I was delighted when I opened up my mailbox earlier this week and found the Cotton & Quill fabric samples inside. These patterns are even more stunning in person as the prints are a lot larger than I thought and their colors so vivid. I’m using them for the throw pillows on the sofa and eventually the top of the window seats.

Lastly, I went to my local antique mall and scooped up some equine prints for the walls and 2 brass fox horn candle holders. Luckily, my Aunt Brenda agreed to give me some of her horse-y decor pieces too for the space.

Well, that’s where we are for week 2. Follow along on Instagram from more.

DIY Hostess Gift

dsc_0615-4-10-44-pm dsc_0623-4-10-44-pm dsc_0628

Just wanted to let you guys know I’m sharing this super fun and easy DIY Halloween hostess gift on A Blissful Nest today. I’m one of their holiday contributors so throughout the season I’ll be occasionally posting there. Click here to learn how to make this and check out Rebekah’s blog.

Welcome Friends

 DSC_0307DSC_0314DSC_0305DSC_0303Book, Magazine, Soap, Mug, Matches, Towels

It’s stupid, I know, but those little freebie soap and shampoo samples that are waiting in your hotel room for you when you check in are one of my favorite things about traveling. Even though the housekeepers are required to put them out, the act still seems thoughtful. It’s like a welcome package. My mom-mom actually does the same thing and has inspired me to start the tradition of a little DIY welcome package for guests of #patriciaspalace

Whenever I visit my grandparents in South Carolina my mom-mom always leaves a welcome note, fresh towels, a little present and my favorite treat (Swedish Fish, Milky Ways and apple juice) on the bed. It’s something I look forward to and the thoughtfulness is recognized.

In my #patriciaspalace version of the welcome package I like to include:

  • Fresh towel set… monogramed, of course
  • Scented pretty packaged toiletries such as my favorites from Coastal Salt & Soul and Currie
  • Some good reads like the local magazine Main Line Today and a good page turner I just finished up
  • Quirky coffee mug or glass accompanied by a pretty bottle of water and tea
  • My guests favorite snacks for late night cravings
  • Seasonal smelling candle with an adorable set of matches

Will You Accept This Rosé

DSC_0217 DSC_0223 DSC_0224 DSC_0225 DSC_0227 DSC_0228 DSC_0233 DSC_0236 DSC_0242 DSC_0245

Wine Glasses c/o, Vase (similar), Cocktail Napkins, Nail Polish, Bar Cart, Chair

I don’t know about you but I’m kind of addicted to watching The Bachelorette (and Bachelor). This season I have a major #girlcrush on JoJo and need to know who her colorist is. If you know, hook a girl up! Well in honor of the final rose ceremony I thought I’d throw a girls night in rosé viewing party and it’s super easy for you to duplicate!

First things first, you need rosé because whats a rosé party without any rosé? I suggest getting at least 3 different bottles so you can sample and rate… kinda like they do with the guys on the show. Of course you’ll need some cute glasses to hold your drink and these “yes way rosé” glasses by Smitten Monogram are too cute.  They are the perfect size and you can order them in just about any color. The flower of choice for the night? Roses. They make or break every relationship on the show. No girls night in is complete without nail polish or some sort of DIY beauty treatment for you to mindlessly take part in as you gossip.

As for the details, I made watercolor signs which I put out on the bar cart with phrases like “will you accept this rosé” and “rosé all day”. I also used watercolors to make a rosé rating/notes sheet for the tasting. Not only did these watercolor details add a feminine touch but were also so easy and actually cathartic. I swear watercolors are the new adult color books.

So who do you think will be JoJo’s happily ever after and who will be the next Bachelor?

Fourth of July Favor

DSC_0470DSC_0469 DSC_0468


Are you ready for the quickest party favor DIY ever? Of course, you are! I was in Homegoods the other day in the mile long maze that they call a line. You know, the one where they conveniently have all the knick- knacks and random notepads that you don’t really need but after waiting ten minutes next to it then somehow it ends up in your cart? Every time.

Well they had little jars filled with colorful seasonal candy and it got me thinking that it would make such a cute and easy party favor.


  • Mason jar with lid
  • Seasonal candy or treats (I think popcorn or granola would be great too!)
  • Ribbon


  1. Open your mason jar
  2. Fill it up to the brim with your candy or treats
  3. Twist your lid on and tie with a festive ribbon. You could even add a gift tag with their name if you’re feeling fancy.

Take that Homegoods!

Faux Cactus Piñata DIY

DSC_0346 (1) DSC_0349 DSC_0353 DSC_0354 DSC_0355 DSC_0356 DSC_0357 DSC_0359 DSC_0361 DSC_0362 DSC_0365

A piece of my fiesta party décor was the faux cactus piñatas I made. They were incredibly easy to make but VERY time consuming. These little guys received a lot of compliments and some people even thought I bought them from a store so I figured I’d share the DIY steps with you.


  • 2 toilet paper rolls or 1 wrapping paper roll
  • Green tissue paper

Red, purple, pink or yellow tissue paper *optional for flower


  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Turn on a mindless Netflix movie… you’ll thank me when you’re on hour 3 of cutting tissue paper.
  2. Cut about an inch off of one of the toilet paper rolls
  3. Now take the piece you just cut and cut it again so that it no longer is in the shape of a circle
  4. Using the cut piece roll back together but slightly thinner in width (this will be your cactus’ branch). You may want to cut a little more off so that the overlap isn’t too much. Once you have to your liking glue back together so that it will not move apart.
  5. Take the cut piece and hot glue to the uncut toilet paper roll about 1 inch up from the bottom
  6. Cut a small square (about 2×2”) of tissue paper and hot glue the tissue paper to the top of your toilet paper cactus
  7. Cut 1 inch tall strips of tissue paper about 4 inches long (you’ll need a lot of these so just keep cutting)
  8. Now comes the fun part…. cut slits halfway up and spaced about a quarter of an inch apart on each piece of tissue paper
  9. Wrap the strips around the toilet paper and hot glue them on the top
  10. Keep doing so as you slightly layer piece over piece. Do this all the way to the top and on your branch as well
  11. If you’d like a flower on your cactus cut a 2×2” square piece of colored tissue paper and scrunch into a ball then hot glue where your branch meets the trunk of your cactus

DIY Barbie Shoe Wine Charm

DSC_0344DSC_0330 DSC_0334 DSC_0339 DSC_0343 A party favor all my birthday guests received was a wine charm with a Barbie shoe that I made. It was a quick, easy, cheap and ended up being a super cute detail! Here’s how I made them:



  • Screwdriver


  1. Put about 6-12 beads on each ring (about halfway around the ring)
  2. Take the Barbie shoe and using your screwdriver put a small hole in the back heel of the shoe. I suggest using a screwdriver because a needle and thumbtack were not strong enough when I tried using them.
  3. Place the shoe on the ring and continue beading the other half of the ring

See I told you it was easy!