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Shelby Dillon Studio

Pillows c/o Shelby Dillon Studio

You probably could guess my motto when it comes to pillows… more is more and less is a bore! At any time I have at least 5 decorative pillows on my bed, I want it to look like a big pile of (chic) fluff you could dive right into.

Every few months I like to alternate my pillows and switch up the style slightly with new on prints. I found Shelby Dillon Studio on Instagram recently and fell in love with their chinoiserie/palm beach inspired designs and knew they were going to the next addition to my pillow crew.

Their pillows not only come in fabulous patterns but are well- made with side zippers and luxury feather inserts. They don’t only make pillows though, you can also find cosmetic bags, trays, coasters and art!

Christmas At The Palace

Needlepoint Pillows, Disco Drinks, Elephant Head

Christmas is my favorite time of year! I love the traditions, the joyfulness and all the pretty decorations. I thought I’d share a peek into my home for the holidays to show you how I usually decorate for the festivities.

Green and pink, not red is the holiday color of choice at my little palace. I know I won’t be able to decorate like this forever (ie. living without males) so for the past few years I’ve taken full advantage of this. Funny story… when Will and I were setting up the tree this year I finally had all the lights and ornaments on, finished vacuuming the needles and while I went downstairs to put the vacuum away I heard a loud thud. The tree had fallen over! In its tumble it broke half of the ornaments too… hence why it’s looking a little bare. I secretly think Will pushed it over to get rid of the pink ornaments ūüėČ hehe

Anyways… most of my decor I’ve DIYd in fact to make it my own. Take the blue and white, ginger jar inspired ornaments. Those I used a blue paint marker to draw on white glass ornaments. Or the gilded lions? Those are from the Target toy section, I spray painted them gold and then bought mini Santa hats and candy canes from the Dollar Store to accessorize them. They’re unique and fit my personal decorating taste.

How do you decorate for the holidays?

#PatriciasPartyPad Reveal

img_9243-2 img_9243-3 img_9244-2 img_9246-2 img_9247-2 img_9251-2 img_9252-2img_9253 img_9257 img_9259 img_9262 img_9264 img_9268 img_9270 img_9278 img_9280 img_9285 img_9286 img_9292 img_9294

Photography by Deb Putter

It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here… ladies and gents, the reveal of #patriciaspartypad! Insert big sigh of relief as every free moment isn’t spent covered in sawdust and sweat. One lesson I learned from this? Decorating a room in 6 weeks, totally doable. Building a room from nothing in 6 week, not so doable. But we did it, it may have taken longer than 6 weeks but it was all worth it! Oh and one more lesson so you can learn from my mistakes… finish the roof before you decide to press pause to build an inside entertaining loft or else you’ll be putting buckets on the floor in the meantime. Will I ever learn?

To catch everyone up to speed, this is the space above my garage where over the spring we knocked down the original barn and built this barn/garage to take its place. The walls of the loft are the actual wood boards from the original barn! Cool, right?

I couldn’t have finished it period if it wasn’t for my parent’s handiwork (I owe them more hours than I can count!), my boyfriend’s help all along the way, my Aunt for giving me so much of her horse collection for decor and of course the amazing companies I worked with during the process.

Product List:

Lighting: c/o Bellacor (1, 2, 3)

Rug: c/o Karastan

Side Table: c/o Taylor Burke Home via Aubusson Home

Custom Napkins & Cups: c/o Sequins & Lipstick

Pillows: Cotton & Quill

Sofa: West Elm

Needlepoint Pillow: Furbish Studio

Coffee Table: Joss & Main

Bar Cart: Target

Wine Rack: Pottery Barn (old but similar)

Stripe Candles: Ana Candles

Stick Candles: Stick Candles

Stirrup Candle Holders: White Horse Fabric (similar)

Champion Dish: Waiting On Martha

Matches: Skeem Shop

Wine Glasses, Ice Bucket, Wall Decor and Chairs: Antiques, Thrifted and Borrowed

Table & Bench: DIY by Dad


dsc_1029 dsc_1042 dsc_1046 dsc_1049 dsc_1052 dsc_1054

Illustration by Lydia Marie Elizabeth, Frame c/o Framebridge (use code PATRICIASPALCE15 for 15% off your first Framebridge purchase)

One of my favorite Christmas traditions growing up was receiving Christmas cards from our friends and family and then hanging them on the wall for the season. Now that I’ve grown up I’ve taken that tradition and made it my own. Since I’ve owned my house, for the past two Christmases I’ve had custom illustrations made of me and my home to put on my Christmas cards.

I do this because I am so grateful for my home. ¬†Not only is it a reflection of myself but as a fixer upper I’ve put in so much work and so has my family and friends. They’ve helped me along the way with painting, construction, even helping me scout furniture. ¬†My home is essentially their home too!

This year I worked with Framebridge to frame the custom illustration Lydia Marie Elizabeth did of my living room. I love how Lydia captured the fun colors of the room and the energy of the festivities. She always gets it right! I chose the Chelsea wide gold frame as  it elegantly finishes the pieces.

One Room Challenge: Week 6

img_6524 img_6525 img_6526 img_6529 img_6536 img_6549

Pillows, Sofa, Side Table

So did I accomplish the One Room Challenge? In most parts… yes. However, not completely. In a matter of 6 weeks I took what wasn’t even a room, just a space above the garages without walls, a ceiling, flooring electric and turned it into a room! A room, literally from scratch, in six short weeks! Wowza!

However, there the room is not completely finished so today I’m going to use this post as another update and plan to truly unveil the space officially very shortly, so hang tight. The past week I saw the space transform the most, all the walls and ceiling were finished and the floor was installed in about 3 hours. I have to give my parents credit for this as they have lots of experience laying down floor (and perhaps a lot of patience?). Piece by piece I’ve been moving the furniture and decor in as I decorate and build two gallery walls.

So what’s left you ask?

  • Access door to storage behind the walls
  • Trim around the room
  • Closing off the stairs from the rest of the garage
  • Hanging the lighting fixtures which I’m waiting on 2 lighting fixtures that were on backorder and should arrive in a week or so
  • Getting a large table for the center of the room with benches to match
  • I’d also love to create some window treatments
  • Someday, built in window seats (this won’t be part of the final reveal but instead something I hope to do later down the road)

While I didn’t kick the #ORC in the butt, all in all I’m so proud of the progress made in 6 short weeks! Within the next month I plan to share official final reveal of the space so please check back.

One Room Challenge: Week 5


fullsizerender img_6497

Oh boy, oh boy! I’m going to keep this post short and sweet as I’m busy working on #patriciaspartypad… we’re in the final stretch and still have oh so much left to do! I’m also keeping it short today because there isn’t a whole lot to share visually this week.

Last week a lot of progress was made, the ceiling was completed which leaves us left to do some trim work and just a few more small pieces in the window nooks. This coming weekend we’re hoping to finish those up and work on putting the floor down. Then it’s my favorite part… decorating!

So many pieces have been coming in like these Cotton & Quill pillows, the sofa, coffee table and a ton of decor! I’ve been plotting out the gallery wall for weeks and I’m chomping at the bit (get it, get it?) to put it up.

Sorry for the short post but off to do more work!

Nesting Mode

dsc_1004 dsc_1008 dsc_1013 dsc_1015

Art, Frame, Matches, Tray, Towels, Shower Curtain, Basket, Rug

I’m kind of freaking out… next week is November! That means the holidays will be here the blink of an eye. Eeeek! While it’s stressing me out, it’s also plunging me into full on nesting mode. I’ve cleaned my cabinets out, even my basement (that I don’t even go in!). It’s out with the old, in with the new and prettifying everything.

One recent piece I updated was the art in my guest bathroom. I switched out a trio of cheaper Homegoods canvases for this peonies print by Annechovie art framed by Framebridge. Is it weird that my bathrooms are becoming my favorite rooms in the house? Probably.

One Room Challenge: Week 4

1475460792377fullsizerender-1 fullsizerender-6 fullsizerender-7 img_6294 img_6342-1

Have the past 3 weeks flown by or is it just me? Maybe it’s just me since I still have so much to do and only 2 weeks left to do so for the One Room Challenge. Not a ton of updates from this week as we’re working on putting the ceiling in and then will be working on the floor.

It’s starting to look like a real room and imagine once it gets some color through the accessories and furniture. This gorgeous Karastan rug came in (see picture above) as well as a sneak peek of one of the Bellacor lighting fixtures. The rug is so luxurious and soft that I kinda wish it was in my living room… I may have spent 10 minutes laying on it when the UPS man delivered it because it was just that comfy!

I’ve been working on some DIY decor pieces for the space as well including putting old horse show ribbons in glass jars from Homegoods to put on the center of the table. I like how it adds some color to the space and puts my old ribbons to good use, instead of just collecting dust at my parent’s house.

Check back next week for some more updates…

One Room Challenge: Week 3

1475460792377img_6211img_6182-jpgimg_6210 img_6180-jpg fullsizerenderimg_6198
We now have walls in #patriciaspartypad! Yep, you heard right. This past week the walls went up in the loft. Like I said before, the walls are actually the wood boards from the old original barn on the property. Pretty cool, huh?¬†To juxtapose the rustic vibes of the wood walls I’m adding glam accents through pieces like the Bellacor pendants¬†(which arrived this week) and stud details on the furniture. Speaking of furniture, this truly amazing sofa from Taylor Burke Home was ordered for the space in navy velvet. It’s the sofa of my dreams, I can’t wait to see it in person!

We made a lot of progress this week as we also picked out the (faux) wood floor for the space. Since there are some grey hues in the walls, a light tan with grey accents in the flooring would lighten up the space and compliment the existing tones. Plus, part of the floor will be covered with this Karastan rug.

This week we’re working on the ceiling then onto the floors. Do you want to know what hell is? It’s staining over 100 wood boards that are twice as tall as you in 85 degrees. I think my back will never uncoil from the hunched over position, my blisters will never go down and the scratches on my knees (how they got there, who knows?) will never heal. However, now that the boards are staining they can go up on the ceilings this week.

On a happier note,¬†I can’t end this post without talking about these adorable custom napkins from Sequins & Lipstick shop. Tammy was such a pleasure to work with and her store is full of possibilities to make you the hostess with the mostest. Can you imagine custom #patriciaspartypad matches too?! Follow along on Instagram for more behind the scenes.

One Room Challenge: Week 2


img_6084 img_6115

Here’s where we are this week for the One Room Challenge… The insulation is all installed. ¬†I had to go around the room and choose where I wanted outlets located. The room actually gets a good amount of light as it has 4 windows and 5 spots for overhead lighting so I don’t see much need for floor lamps but ample outlets are always a bonus.

Speaking of lighting, I ordered this large chandelier and these 2 small ones for the center of the room from Bellacor. I think the antique gold will coordinate well with the studs on the Taylor Burke Home side table and my equestrian antique finds. I don’t know if you’ve ever ordered anything from Bellacor but I highly recommend using them for your lighting needs. Their inventory is huge with them carrying just about every brand of lighting and at any price point.

I was delighted when I opened up my mailbox earlier this week and found the Cotton & Quill fabric samples inside. These patterns are even more stunning in person as the prints are a lot larger than I thought and their colors so vivid. I’m using them for the throw pillows on the sofa and eventually the top of the window seats.

Lastly, I went to my local antique mall and scooped up some equine prints for the walls and 2 brass fox horn candle holders. Luckily, my Aunt Brenda agreed to give me some of her horse-y decor pieces too for the space.

Well, that’s where we are for week 2. Follow along on Instagram from more.