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Christmas Decor

Photography by Deb Putter Photography

Nightshirt, Wrapping Paper, Loafers, Ornaments, Custom Pillow, Needlepoint Pillow, Slippers, Similar Stockings

Welcome to the #PatriciasPalace Christmas wonderland! Today I’m giving you a little peek into my holiday decor. Every year I change how I decorate for the holidays oh so slightly, typically though I stick to a pink and green theme. However, this year I opted for a green, red and blue color scheme.

The inspiration truly came when I saw Nico & Lala’s custom monogram ginger jar wrapping paper. I had to have it and built my theme around it because I love the contrast of bright red against the blue. It’s traditional but still unique.

How do you decorate for Christmas?

All of the Lights

Light c/o

Have you noticed signage is really trending lately? Light boxes, neon lights and felt boards are everywhere. I had to get on board because I love the concept of personalizing pieces! I decided to go the Kourtney Kardashian route and get a neon sign for above my headboard.

There are many companies offering neon signs but I discovered Brite Lite Tribe through Instagram and am so happy I did. Their product is so easy to install, it came with directions and took me less than 2 minutes to hang… even without asking my Dad to come over and help!

Brite Lite Tribe’s neon lights come with a remote control. With the remote control you get numerous different settings for your light (or should I say “lite”). There are different strobe/blinking settings as well as various levels of brightness. Super fun and super easy to use! They also offer custom lettering and signs. I think the loft might need one next that says “giddy up”. What do you think?

Guest Bath Reveal

Mirror, Sconces c/o, Towels c/o, Lucite Fixtures, Stone Hardware, Brass Hardware

Remember when I shared my plans for my little bathroom redo? Well, ladies and gents… may I present you with this colorful bit of goodness! Is it weird that my favorite room in the house is the guest bath? Hopefully not too weird.

I love how it turned out. The Quadrille wallpaper might be a bold color but the pattern is so classic and beautiful. The brass and lucite accents add a touch of luxe. All of my lucite fixtures (towel bar, towel hook, toilet paper holder and even the picture frame) are from Sloan Lucite. Kristi the owner works with you, customizing the pieces for your wants and needs. When I came up with my lucite frame idea, she didn’t even bat an eye!

Speaking of brass, this Bellacor mirror is such a beauty. The bathroom originally had a vanity that was an antique piece of furniture with a mirror builtin, the problem though was the mirror was quite small and if you were over 5 foot tall it cut you off. The new mirror solved this issue completely. I know I mention Bellacor a lot but they literally offer EVERYTHING for the home and always have the best prices.

Lighting is something that can totally transform a room. There are so many vibes a good light can give off and this sconce from Sazerac Stitches is giving me all the vibes! It’s funky and kinda retro but still super glam and feminine with its curved shape.

Some other details? The gorgeous stone and brass drawer handles from Addison Weeks. I’ve been a fan of their jewelry for years now so when they recently introduced hardware I knew I needed it. It’s like jewelry for your furniture, people!

It wouldn’t be a #PatriciasPalace room with a monogram though. I worked with Monogram Mary for these PMM towels. The pink monogram pulls in the pink from my Amanda Petro art perfectly.

What do you think? Who wants to come over the weekend to enjoy the guest bath?

The Wisdom Coalition

Pillow, Art, Egg Tray, Bowl, Flowers

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of joining the ladies of The Wisdom Coalition show to discuss adding color to your home with some tips and tricks and the feelings/meanings behind colors. Watch the clip here, I appear around the 16 minute mark.

Porch Party

Rocking Chairs & Pillows

One of my favorite things to do, the second the weather goes above 60 degrees, is to enjoy evenings on the porch. It’s a little tradition my boyfriend and I have. We indulge in a grilled dinner, play a board game or just listen to music and enjoy the sunset. It’s low-key but are some of my favorite times.

This year I decided to give the front porch a little update. First up, was switching out my thrifted antique chairs for something more comfortable. I chose classic rocking chairs from Bellacor and bribed Will to put them together for me. Hehe…

Of course, the rocking chairs needed some pillows for comfort and color so I reached out to Maggie of Leland Gal. I found her originally through Instagram and fell in love with her bold colors and super fun prints. She was so sweet, helping me pick the perfect patterns to coordinate with each other, the right sizes and having them made in outdoor fabric.

I decided to go with the White Match Point pillow as a throwback for the days I used to play tennis, paired with the Canoe Print as an ode to the creek running through my backyard and growing up on the Brandywine River. I love how the pillows make a statement alone but also can be paired for the perfect pillow party!

Let Me Take a Shelfie

Photography by Carly Landolt

Pillows, Bud Vases, Lamps, Blanket

Remember a few months ago when I talked about how new pillows can instantly update your space and doesn’t require a major investment or overhaul? Well, today I’m here to share the same can be done with your shelves!

Simply updating the items on your shelves, repositioning them or swapping them out makes them feel like new. A well styled shelf makes a statement as a focal point or can be used to pull all the colors in the space together with accessories.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when styling your own:

  • Group items in on odd numbers as it’s more pleasing to the eye
  • Vary shape and height of items to create different lines for the eye to follow
  • To keep shelves from looking cluttered and thrown together try to keep a common color story or theme (think all things related to travel or all things blue and white like I did)
  • Always add books, they are a good space filler, makes you look well read and can be stacked various ways for height or padding

Shelby Dillon Studio

Pillows c/o Shelby Dillon Studio

You probably could guess my motto when it comes to pillows… more is more and less is a bore! At any time I have at least 5 decorative pillows on my bed, I want it to look like a big pile of (chic) fluff you could dive right into.

Every few months I like to alternate my pillows and switch up the style slightly with new on prints. I found Shelby Dillon Studio on Instagram recently and fell in love with their chinoiserie/palm beach inspired designs and knew they were going to the next addition to my pillow crew.

Their pillows not only come in fabulous patterns but are well- made with side zippers and luxury feather inserts. They don’t only make pillows though, you can also find cosmetic bags, trays, coasters and art!

Christmas At The Palace

Needlepoint Pillows, Disco Drinks, Elephant Head

Christmas is my favorite time of year! I love the traditions, the joyfulness and all the pretty decorations. I thought I’d share a peek into my home for the holidays to show you how I usually decorate for the festivities.

Green and pink, not red is the holiday color of choice at my little palace. I know I won’t be able to decorate like this forever (ie. living without males) so for the past few years I’ve taken full advantage of this. Funny story… when Will and I were setting up the tree this year I finally had all the lights and ornaments on, finished vacuuming the needles and while I went downstairs to put the vacuum away I heard a loud thud. The tree had fallen over! In its tumble it broke half of the ornaments too… hence why it’s looking a little bare. I secretly think Will pushed it over to get rid of the pink ornaments 😉 hehe

Anyways… most of my decor I’ve DIYd in fact to make it my own. Take the blue and white, ginger jar inspired ornaments. Those I used a blue paint marker to draw on white glass ornaments. Or the gilded lions? Those are from the Target toy section, I spray painted them gold and then bought mini Santa hats and candy canes from the Dollar Store to accessorize them. They’re unique and fit my personal decorating taste.

How do you decorate for the holidays?

#PatriciasPartyPad Reveal

img_9243-2 img_9243-3 img_9244-2 img_9246-2 img_9247-2 img_9251-2 img_9252-2img_9253 img_9257 img_9259 img_9262 img_9264 img_9268 img_9270 img_9278 img_9280 img_9285 img_9286 img_9292 img_9294

Photography by Deb Putter

It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here… ladies and gents, the reveal of #patriciaspartypad! Insert big sigh of relief as every free moment isn’t spent covered in sawdust and sweat. One lesson I learned from this? Decorating a room in 6 weeks, totally doable. Building a room from nothing in 6 week, not so doable. But we did it, it may have taken longer than 6 weeks but it was all worth it! Oh and one more lesson so you can learn from my mistakes… finish the roof before you decide to press pause to build an inside entertaining loft or else you’ll be putting buckets on the floor in the meantime. Will I ever learn?

To catch everyone up to speed, this is the space above my garage where over the spring we knocked down the original barn and built this barn/garage to take its place. The walls of the loft are the actual wood boards from the original barn! Cool, right?

I couldn’t have finished it period if it wasn’t for my parent’s handiwork (I owe them more hours than I can count!), my boyfriend’s help all along the way, my Aunt for giving me so much of her horse collection for decor and of course the amazing companies I worked with during the process.

Product List:

Lighting: c/o Bellacor (1, 2, 3)

Rug: c/o Karastan

Side Table: c/o Taylor Burke Home via Aubusson Home

Custom Napkins & Cups: c/o Sequins & Lipstick

Pillows: Cotton & Quill

Sofa: West Elm

Needlepoint Pillow: Furbish Studio

Coffee Table: Joss & Main

Bar Cart: Target

Wine Rack: Pottery Barn (old but similar)

Stripe Candles: Ana Candles

Stick Candles: Stick Candles

Stirrup Candle Holders: White Horse Fabric (similar)

Champion Dish: Waiting On Martha

Matches: Skeem Shop

Wine Glasses, Ice Bucket, Wall Decor and Chairs: Antiques, Thrifted and Borrowed

Table & Bench: DIY by Dad


dsc_1029 dsc_1042 dsc_1046 dsc_1049 dsc_1052 dsc_1054

Illustration by Lydia Marie Elizabeth, Frame c/o Framebridge (use code PATRICIASPALCE15 for 15% off your first Framebridge purchase)

One of my favorite Christmas traditions growing up was receiving Christmas cards from our friends and family and then hanging them on the wall for the season. Now that I’ve grown up I’ve taken that tradition and made it my own. Since I’ve owned my house, for the past two Christmases I’ve had custom illustrations made of me and my home to put on my Christmas cards.

I do this because I am so grateful for my home.  Not only is it a reflection of myself but as a fixer upper I’ve put in so much work and so has my family and friends. They’ve helped me along the way with painting, construction, even helping me scout furniture.  My home is essentially their home too!

This year I worked with Framebridge to frame the custom illustration Lydia Marie Elizabeth did of my living room. I love how Lydia captured the fun colors of the room and the energy of the festivities. She always gets it right! I chose the Chelsea wide gold frame as  it elegantly finishes the pieces.