Building a Cheeseboard

Photography by Minh Cao of Du Soleil Photographie


Want to know a weird fact about me? As of two months ago I am allergic to dairy. I actually always have wondered if I was allergic to dairy because I have never liked milk (even as a baby), don’t really enjoy ice cream and ever since I was little when I would eat very creamy foods my throat would get tight and itchy. No one ever understood what I meant when I said that and would just dismiss it for me being a drama queen. Then when I brought it up to my doctor two months ago (why it took me 27 years to bring it up idk) and she suggested I get a blood test to see if I was allergic to dairy.  Well turns out I am!

Anyway, despite being allergic I always have loved a good cheese board and still indulge from time to time. No only is a cheese board a crowd favorite because they are delicious but they are relatively easy to put together. No cooking or baking, just a simple formula of each type of cheese to pick up at the market and a cute board to display it on.

Feel free to print out the chart I put together above and take to the grocery store. Here’s what every cheese board should include:

Soft- think brie and goat cheese. something easy to spread on crackers or bread

Semi-Firm- your gouda (a personal favorite), gouda and macho

Blue- your funky cheeses like gorgonzola, they are a bit stinky and nice and soft

Aged- asiago, pecorino, parmigiana, aged gouda but you could also do an aged goat cheese if you prefer something softer

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