Barn Reno: #PatriciasPartyPad

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First of all, let me apologize for the quality and random sizes of these pictures as they were taken from my iPhone. Looking back I probably should have taken some better quality, more detailed shots but I wanted to share the “before” of the little ol’ barn at #patriciaspalace as I’m currently working on the “after”.

When I purchased my home a few years ago, in addition to the rundown home, I got this dilapidated barn. Back in the day this pole barn, as it’s called officially, was home to the two family horses of the previous owners but over the years was used as more of a shed and slowly deteriorated. By the time I got it the barn was in pretty poor condition, I subconsciously would cover my head whenever I went in there, fearing it would fall down at any moment.

Well this spring we tore down the old barn (thanks to the farmers across the street and some heavy lifting from my handy family) and began to rebuild. The new barn, which we shall now refer to as #patriciaspartypad is a spacious 2 car garage, plus fits my golf cart. But the best part of the party pad? The loft space! on the second floor I plan to turn it into a little hangout with a farm table and sofa. I’m aiming for a preppy/lodgy/equestrian theme in terms of decorating. Think more Ralph Lauren as apposed to my Lilly Pulitzer inspired home.

Do you want to see more of the process and inspiration?


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