All of the Lights

Light c/o

Have you noticed signage is really trending lately? Light boxes, neon lights and felt boards are everywhere. I had to get on board because I love the concept of personalizing pieces! I decided to go the Kourtney Kardashian route and get a neon sign for above my headboard.

There are many companies offering neon signs but I discovered Brite Lite Tribe through Instagram and am so happy I did. Their product is so easy to install, it came with directions and took me less than 2 minutes to hang… even without asking my Dad to come over and help!

Brite Lite Tribe’s neon lights come with a remote control. With the remote control you get numerous different settings for your light (or should I say “lite”). There are different strobe/blinking settings as well as various levels of brightness. Super fun and super easy to use! They also offer custom lettering and signs. I think the loft might need one next that says “giddy up”. What do you think?

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