Going For The Gold

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Plates, Cups, Mini Cups, Tablecloth (similar)

Has anyone else caught the Olympic spirit? These past two weeks I’ve spent all of my free time watching swimming, horseback riding and gymnastics while cheering on the good ol’ US of A! Instead of viewing alone this past weekend I decided to cease the excitement and host an Olympic themed cookout. While red, white and blue would have been an obvious color scheme for such an event, I decided to mix it up and use gold instead, as in “going for the gold”.

I set the table with an old Kate Spade tablecloth with gold stripes and decorated with vases and containers that had gold accents. As for the GOLD letters? $1 wooden figures from Target that I simply painted gold and paired with mini toy trophies. The food for the evening I kept ‘Merican with hot dogs, cheeseburgers, crockpot mac and cheese, followed by s’mores for dessert.

All that aside, the true hit of the party was really the Polaroid camera. Who doesn’t love an old school selfie?

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