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Puppy Pajama Party

Photography by Carly Landolt Photo

Pajamas c/o Malabar Bay

This post is kind of ironic as every since I got Marty & Miles I have not been able to sleep in past 6am. I’m not complaining though because they sleep through the night without waking up until 6. I just sometimes miss those weekends sleeping in until 9. I feel like this is what it may be like to be a new mom?

Anyways, everyone knows I love pajama sets. Growing up and in college all my friends slept in gym shorts and a sorority tee but I always wore pajama sets. They are so luxurious and make me feel put together even sans makeup and my hair a mess. I think my love for pajamas started growing up when my Mom-mom made it a tradition to give my cousins and I pajamas every Christmas eve. My collection and love grew from there.

Recently I discovered Malabar Bay and was not disappointed. The fabrics are thick in quality, soft in touch and come in the most cute patterns. They have a full collection of loungewear with shorts, pajama sets, nightgowns and even robes.  I’m hooked!

A Four Legged Welcome to Marty & Miles

Photography by Carly Landolt Photo

Dog Bowls c/o Indigo Home Shop, Collars, Earrings, Top c/o Elizabeth Mckay, Jeans

Remember how in my last post I apologized for the delay in posts and explained I got puppies? Well,  here they are! Ladies and gents, meet Marty & Miles. Marty is the black one and Miles is brown.

Growing up I had a jack russell terrier as did my Aunt & Uncle and my other Aunt. They seem to be the family dog. We sadly had to put my childhood dog, Abi down at the end of the summer. She was 15 and sadly had cancer. Ever since I started thinking of getting a new puppy, a best friend, a companion. I thought now was especially a good time since I work from home and live next door to my parents.

I started looking into breeders and through a trail of word of mouth found Jody in Maryland who just had two litters! I made the 1.5 hour long drive with my parents and immediately fell in love with Marty. He was the most perky and alert, it just seemed right. Then little Miles came into the picture. You see, he has a hernia. It’s totally fine, doesn’t cause him any pain and the vet said we wait until he gets neutered in April to get it removed. Technically Miles is my parent’s dog but I am raising the pups together, since once again I am here all day working from home and this way they have a built in buddy.

Now a little about them. They technically aren’t related, but isn’t family really not always about blood? Miles is certainly the curious, independent one. He likes to step away from me and explore and has a lot of attitude. I saw his spunky personality come out at the vet last week and also whenever I put them in the cage to run errands he howls and howls.

Marty is much more a people pleaser, he has to be on my lap or if he explores outside, he comes right back as he can’t spend ,pre than 1 minute away from Mom. Marty is a cow though when it comes to food (maybe that’s why he is black and white?!). He eats so quickly and then tries to steal Miles’ food!

Speaking of food I thought I’d share a few of our favorite puppy products too. Even before I got a dog I had been eyeing Dana of Indigo Home Shop’s chinoiserie dog bowls and treat canisters! Could they not fit in with #patriciaspalace more? They are such solid, good quality pieces and I love that they are personalized with their names. Speaking of names, Marty is named after Frank Sinatra’s boxing name and his parent’s speakeasy, Marty O’Brien. I picked this name because Will and I love to listen to Frank Sinatra when we cook every night. Then I chose Miles after Miles Davis and Miles Redd. Plus, they just roll of the tongue together.

Lastly, I have a dog collar obsession, it’s like their very own accessory! I got these from Southport Hound, Miles’ has a fox hunt on his and Marty’s has mallards and pointer hounds. However, I do love the ginger jar and palm leaf one but wasn’t sure if they were too girly for these dudes. Oh and have you seen the Proper Fetch ones too though? They might be next.

Hope you enjoyed meeting these two as you will be seeing a lot more of them!

Olive Another 28th Bday

Pictures by Abbe Foreman

Dress Suite by Jennifer Diederich, Headband Vintage (similar), Earrings Vintage (similar), Record Player, Cups & Napkins by Sequins & Lipstick, Napkin Holder, Plastic Cocktail Shakers, Candy Cigarettes, Candy Olives  Cake & Cookies by CupKates Cake Bakery , Hair & Makeup by Something You

First off, sorry for the week or so of silence but besides having and awful start to 2018 (I have a cyst on my wrist, more health issues, I fell on ice, etc.) I got puppies! More on that soon but today I wanted to share a peek into my 28th birthday party!

If you know me, you know that every year I pick a different theme for my birthday. Last year was Havana if you remember. This year? Mad Men and the 1960s. Fun, right? The inspiration actually believe it or not was this baby blue vintage bow headband I found at an antique mall in South Carolina while visiting my family over Thanksgiving.

From there I worked with Jennifer of Suite by Jennifer Diederich. If you don’t know her you need to check out her store now! I literally want one of everything, so girly, chic and a subtle vintage flair. I sent Jennifer a picture of the headband and from there we worked on fabric to match and a flattering shape. I think she totally nailed it, even Betty Draper would be jealous! Allison from Something You completed my vintage look with a retro cat eye and a bouffant to die for.

I had Kate from CupKate’s Cake Bakery make my cookies and cake as always. She took inspiration from the pattern on my dress and the colors in my party invite made by my gal Kelsey. The funniest part? Kelsey also Photoshopped my friend’s heads on the Mad Men characters. LOL!

For decor and decorations I worked with Sequins & Lipstick to customize some cups and napkins under my “Olive Another” theme. Personalization is such a fun touch on any party.

Lastly, I got plastic cocktail shakers from Amazon and filled them with custom matches, vintage drink stirrers and candy cigarettes for guest to take home as a party favor.

What do you guys think?

Bundle Up

Shirt c/o Duffield Lane, BootsSunglasses, Tote, Hat

The whole east coast seems to be living in a snow globe. It’s snowy and FREEZING. You’ll never guess what but Friday morning I woke up and thought to myself, hmm it seems pretty chilly. I walked into the living room and checked our Nest only to realize the heat wasn’t working and it was currently 55 degrees indoors and quickly dropping!

Yes… our heater’s motor broke in the middle of winter. Obviously the most inopportune time ever. Long story short I had to run around all day Friday to get the new motor for the repairman and we went 24 hours without heat. Thank god my parents live next door or else I think I would have froze to death!

How are you surviving the cold?

Building a Cheeseboard

Photography by Minh Cao of Du Soleil Photographie


Want to know a weird fact about me? As of two months ago I am allergic to dairy. I actually always have wondered if I was allergic to dairy because I have never liked milk (even as a baby), don’t really enjoy ice cream and ever since I was little when I would eat very creamy foods my throat would get tight and itchy. No one ever understood what I meant when I said that and would just dismiss it for me being a drama queen. Then when I brought it up to my doctor two months ago (why it took me 27 years to bring it up idk) and she suggested I get a blood test to see if I was allergic to dairy.  Well turns out I am!

Anyway, despite being allergic I always have loved a good cheese board and still indulge from time to time. No only is a cheese board a crowd favorite because they are delicious but they are relatively easy to put together. No cooking or baking, just a simple formula of each type of cheese to pick up at the market and a cute board to display it on.

Feel free to print out the chart I put together above and take to the grocery store. Here’s what every cheese board should include:

Soft- think brie and goat cheese. something easy to spread on crackers or bread

Semi-Firm- your gouda (a personal favorite), gouda and macho

Blue- your funky cheeses like gorgonzola, they are a bit stinky and nice and soft

Aged- asiago, pecorino, parmigiana, aged gouda but you could also do an aged goat cheese if you prefer something softer

Provence In My Dining Room

Photography by Minh Cao Du Soleil Photography

Tablecloth c/o Pomegranate Inc, Napkins c/o Pomegranate Inc., Cups (similar), Chargers, Plates, Flatware, Napkin Holders, Candles, Topiary Trees, Topiary Balls

In the bleak of dreary winter I’m brining you so greenery! Just because it’s bitter and gray outside doesn’t mean your table has to be that way too. Truthfully, it’s sunshine at #patriciaspalace daily as I’m a vibrant color lover.

Sometimes the inspiration for a party or table setting stems from something I’ve seen in a book, or maybe just a unique piece of decor, truly I get inspired in all sorts of ways. This table however was inspired by Pomegranate Inc.’s Provence pattern. It reminds me of a Quadrille fabric, as it’s classic but still a touch of whimsy. I could see it used for a spring wedding, a darling baby shower or even a sophisticated graduation party. Today however, I’m just using it for dinner.