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Wall Decals c/o Look Sugar, Cake Candles, Candles, Tea Light Candles, Plates, Custom Napkins, Shirt, Earrings

Celebrations are what I live for… if you’ve read my Instagram bio you’d know I believe in month long birthdays too. Each year I go all out and have a themed birthday party. It’s something I look forward to and start thinking about months in advance. Now it has become a tradition where my friends even try to guess what the theme will be from year to year. We’ll see if after 30 I change my tune and no longer look forward to celebrating another year older…

This year’s theme was Cuban flair with my hashtag being #27AndHavanaGoodTime. Clever, right? Decorations included pineapples aplenty, lots of palm leaves and bright colors. I setup a mojito bar with this recipe and a cigar bar which included both faux (gum) cigars and real cigars, which let’s be honest were really for the boys to enjoy.

Usually I get an extravagant cake for the party but this year decided to tone down the actual cake and focus more on the adorable pineapple cake pops. Plus, the cake got jazzed up with some fun pineapple birthday candles. Speaking of pineapples, they were everywhere… including on the wall! Party hack: I think wall decal stickers (I get mine from Look Sugar) are a perfect party option as they are cheaper than a Photo Booth backdrop, go up in seconds and come off the walls without any residue. Instantly making any room feel festive!

Last but not least, the birthday girl’s look! Every girl should be pampered and feel beautiful for her special day so I always indulge in some pre-party beauty treatments. Since it’s the dead of winter and I’m a shade of ghostly pale come January 17th I always book a spray tan with my girl Marla of And So It Glows. She comes right to your home and takes your 50 shades darker. Next up, I visited Blown Away in Kennett Square. Their super talented stylist Jessica gave me a luxurious blowout and waves with a deep part for the retro Cuban ‘do I was after. Last up, Houpette for makeup. The store not only stocks some amazing lines but also has some super talented artist who helped me achieve a glowy bronzed look with a golden smokey eye and orangish-red bold lip.

With my birthday look and party decorations it was almost like we were in Cuba!

Multi-Purpose Baubles

Bracelet and Necklace c/o Kendra Scott, Skirt

It’s no secret that I love Lisi Lerch jewelry and 99% off my baubles are LL but I do have to say that Kendra Scott is an easy second. Her jewels are bold but classic and so versatile. One of my favorite parts about her designs is how they are adjustable and can be worn in multiple ways. Take this cuff for example, if you have a thinner wrist just bend it in to fit. A thicker wrist? Simply bend it out. Oh but the necklace… get this! It can be a long pendant OR a choker! There’s a movable toggle on the back that allows you to wear it at different lengths. It’s like getting 2 necklaces for the price of 1!

Winter Plaids

Shoes c/o Lauren Lorraine, Leggings, Sweater, Earrings

Every year I can’t wait to put up my Christmas decorations. It takes everything in my to not put them up before Thanksgiving. I usually wait until the weekend right after Thanksgiving to put them up, and that’s just about as long as I can wait. However, as quickly as they go up, they go down as well.

By NYE I had my Christmas decorations down but couldn’t part with taking the wreath off my door. I consider it more of a winter pieces than Christmas, ya know? Another thing that I don’t retire post Christmas? Plaid. It’s in heavy rotation all winter long. A cold weather wardrobe staple. I love mixing plaids with leather and bling (just like I did here) to keep from looking like a Scottish kilt or Christmas dinner tablecloth.


Christmas OOTD

Dress c/o Elizabeth Mckay, Earrings, Clutch

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and are kicking off 2017 in all the right ways! I wanted to share my Christmas outfit today. As you know, Christmas is my favorite holiday (followed closely by my own birthday). I love the festivities, the annual lunch with my family and celebrating my parent’s anniversary.

Growing up one of my favorite things was picking out my Christmas outfit. I’d plan it weeks in advance, as it’s an opportunity to get a little more dressy than usual, wearing sparkles or plaids and velvets. Once I spotted this Elizabeth Mckay dress I knew it was the one! It’s plaid, has a fitted waist and get this… pockets! Yes, everything is better with pockets. I paired it with this monogrammed clutch Will got me for Christmas (thanks bf!), the monogram snaps on and off so you can use it with your other Grateful brand bags too. Genius!