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Thanksgiving In Aiken

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I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family followed by lots of shopping (ie. Black Friday and Small Business Saturday). I spent the holiday doing the same with my family in Aiken, South Carolina. We even started a new tradition this year with attending the Blessing of the Hounds at Hitchcock Woods. It was the perfect weather, maybe even too warm for my cozy sweater but I thought it fit the occasion to a tee! If there’s one thing you should know about it’s that I love dressing the part, whatever it is, give me a theme and I’ll run with it!

But back to Isle Field, let me introduce you to this warm and luxurious brand of knits with just the right mix of preppy, classic and fun.  Their styles are ageless so they’d make the perfect gift for everyone from the bestie to your mom. Next on my list is this one!

Thanksgiving Wardrobe

dsc_1129 dsc_1146 dsc_1151 dsc_1169Top, Pants, Earrings

Let’s be real, when it comes to the holidays style is all about the sparkle and the comfort! It’s about looking cute but still being able to eat all the stuffing and turkey without worrying about sucking in your tummy. It’s about wearing clothes that once the tryptophan kicks in you can still bend into a pretzel and sleep on the sofa without being scared of wrinkles. Right, guys?

That’s where this outfit comes in. These pants you see? They’re really leggings but super cute with leather and the stretchiest waist. Oh and the top? Peplum styles cinch in your natural waist and hide your “food baby” with the extra fabric perfectly well placed. Top it all off with some sparkly tassels and you’re set to enjoy family time and good food without wrestling with your wardrobe.

Girl Boss Advice

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Shirt c/o Modern Frock

Blouses like this are my go-to for work, they’re professional (in the world of PR) but with a stylish twist, I pair them with heels and dark washed jeans to take me from my office to client meetings and then events followed by cocktails with friends. Modern Frock creates classic styles for the modern girl boss.

Speaking of girl bosses, I’m often asked about how I got started in PR and what advice I have for those hoping to break into the industry so today I thought I’d share about of my story and tips…

1- Network- this business all about who you know so even when I was in college I still attended events to expand my network. I attended a random event at Nordstrom and secured my first internship, many of my client referrals come from network still to this day.

2- Intern/Work- during my time in college I had 4 internships and 3 jobs, this helped me not only fill my resume for when applying to post college jobs but also provided me with valuable knowledge to use in my “real” job. I spent my time working retail during college so that I could learn more about the fashion side of lifestyle PR… how thing’s are made, what quality merchandise really feels like, how to merchandise, etc. I also suggest interning and working so you can figure out in what segment of your industry you’d like to work in. I quickly discovered I didn’t want to work for a large corporation as I preferred to dabble and create.

3- Make Opportunities- it’s quite simple, if you want to be a celeb stylist then start taking pictures of your outfits and styling friends, if you want to be a writer then write for your school’s paper, if you want to be an event planner, why not plan dinner parties for your friends and family? Decide what you want to do and get creative in building a portfolio, make yourself an expert in the industry.

4- Get Social- fact: I got my first job out of college through social media. When I graduated college I changed my social media accounts to say that I was a recent job looking to start my career in PR. One afternoon I sat down and followed every publicist and firm in the Philadelphia area on Twitter and Linkedin. Someone I followed on Twitter reached out when she say my bio and said she was hiring a PR coordinator to work under her. Two ladies later I had an interview, 3 days later I had a job in PR! Instead of making your social media accounts private, clean them up and use them to your advantage.

5- Reach Out- lastly, cold call. Reach out to everyone in your network, pick up a magazine and reach out to strangers, if someone inspires you email them and ask them to coffee. The worst they can do is turn you down. I started Piqued PR by freelancing. My first freelance client I found in a magazine. He was a local politician, whose story inspired me. I emailed him and asked if he was looking for any PR or social media help for his campaign. To this day I still reach out to people and businesses I want to work with simply by cold calling.

I hope this inspired you and encouraged you too to follow your dreams. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about working in PR or being an entrepreneur.


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Illustration by Lydia Marie Elizabeth, Frame c/o Framebridge (use code PATRICIASPALCE15 for 15% off your first Framebridge purchase)

One of my favorite Christmas traditions growing up was receiving Christmas cards from our friends and family and then hanging them on the wall for the season. Now that I’ve grown up I’ve taken that tradition and made it my own. Since I’ve owned my house, for the past two Christmases I’ve had custom illustrations made of me and my home to put on my Christmas cards.

I do this because I am so grateful for my home.  Not only is it a reflection of myself but as a fixer upper I’ve put in so much work and so has my family and friends. They’ve helped me along the way with painting, construction, even helping me scout furniture.  My home is essentially their home too!

This year I worked with Framebridge to frame the custom illustration Lydia Marie Elizabeth did of my living room. I love how Lydia captured the fun colors of the room and the energy of the festivities. She always gets it right! I chose the Chelsea wide gold frame as  it elegantly finishes the pieces.

A Blissful Nest Guest Post


Have you sent out your holiday cards yet or started to receive them? Well, today on A Blissful Nest I’m sharing this easy DIY card holder. Pop on over and check it out. Let me know what you think!

One Room Challenge: Week 6

img_6524 img_6525 img_6526 img_6529 img_6536 img_6549

Pillows, Sofa, Side Table

So did I accomplish the One Room Challenge? In most parts… yes. However, not completely. In a matter of 6 weeks I took what wasn’t even a room, just a space above the garages without walls, a ceiling, flooring electric and turned it into a room! A room, literally from scratch, in six short weeks! Wowza!

However, there the room is not completely finished so today I’m going to use this post as another update and plan to truly unveil the space officially very shortly, so hang tight. The past week I saw the space transform the most, all the walls and ceiling were finished and the floor was installed in about 3 hours. I have to give my parents credit for this as they have lots of experience laying down floor (and perhaps a lot of patience?). Piece by piece I’ve been moving the furniture and decor in as I decorate and build two gallery walls.

So what’s left you ask?

  • Access door to storage behind the walls
  • Trim around the room
  • Closing off the stairs from the rest of the garage
  • Hanging the lighting fixtures which I’m waiting on 2 lighting fixtures that were on backorder and should arrive in a week or so
  • Getting a large table for the center of the room with benches to match
  • I’d also love to create some window treatments
  • Someday, built in window seats (this won’t be part of the final reveal but instead something I hope to do later down the road)

While I didn’t kick the #ORC in the butt, all in all I’m so proud of the progress made in 6 short weeks! Within the next month I plan to share official final reveal of the space so please check back.

One Room Challenge: Week 5


fullsizerender img_6497

Oh boy, oh boy! I’m going to keep this post short and sweet as I’m busy working on #patriciaspartypad… we’re in the final stretch and still have oh so much left to do! I’m also keeping it short today because there isn’t a whole lot to share visually this week.

Last week a lot of progress was made, the ceiling was completed which leaves us left to do some trim work and just a few more small pieces in the window nooks. This coming weekend we’re hoping to finish those up and work on putting the floor down. Then it’s my favorite part… decorating!

So many pieces have been coming in like these Cotton & Quill pillows, the sofa, coffee table and a ton of decor! I’ve been plotting out the gallery wall for weeks and I’m chomping at the bit (get it, get it?) to put it up.

Sorry for the short post but off to do more work!