100 Things About Me

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Sweater from Posh Collections, Skirt (old), Earrings, Purse (old but similar)

One of my daily reads is The Pink Clutch. I just love Paige’s pink style with monograms a plenty! The other day I saw her “100 Things About Me” post and was inspired to do my own, as some of you may not really know me yet. So here you go:

  1. I am the 3rd Patricia in my family. Named after both my mom and mom-mom. Although they share the middle name Ann and mine is Mae.
  2. My middle name Mae comes is my Dad’s grandmother. She passed the same month I was born.
  3. My name was going to be Melissa.
  4. I hate being called Patti or Pat. Everyone calls me Patricia except for my family. They call me Tricia or Trish.
  5. I’m an only child. I told my parents I’d move out and live with my Aunt Brenda (who doesn’t have kids) if they had another kid.
  6. Although one time I told my parents I’d be okay with a sibling if I could name her Topanga…. they chose not to.
  7. I hate coffee, the taste and even the smell of a coffee shop.
  8. Which is why I have to start my day with black tea.
  9. I have some form of popcorn every single day.
  10. I have never been to Taco Bell. Insignificant but weird, right?
  11. While some may consider me high-maitnance, I am extremely low maintenance when it comes to food. My favorite foods are grilled cheese, pizza, mac and cheese and raviolis… basically any form of cheese and carbs.
  12. I’ve never been one for group sports. Instead I danced (ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop), twirled a baton, played tennis, cheered was a gymnast and rode horses. No balls flying at my face, please!
  13. My horse was named Snip.
  14. I started riding in 1st grade. My mom told my instructor the pony had to have one foot in the grave. Sadly, Irish died a few weeks later.
  15. I’m actually allergic to horses so had to take a Benadryl every time before I went to the barn but that didn’t stop me.
  16. I graduated from the same high school that my mom, dad and grandfather graduated from.
  17. I bought the house next door to my parents. They’re my best friends!
  18. My other best friend is Ally. Her birthday is January 16th while mine is the 17th. My first name is the same as her middle name. #meanttobe
  19. I’ve never broken a bone or had stitches *knocks on wood
  20. My love going to NYC and DC but haven’t fallen in love with Philly, even though I live just outside of it.
  21. I want to travel to Greece next but in the USA I’m dying to visit Palm Springs, Austin and Dallas.
  22. Everyone always asks me if I’m from the South. When I tell them no they tell me I should move there.
  23. My mom’s family lives in South Carolina and I strongly considered going to college there.
  24. Instead I stayed local and went to Immaculata University.
  25. I have two degrees. A BA in Communications and a BS in Fashion Merchandising. Plus, a minor in French. Oui!
  26. Going fishing is on my bucket list since I’ve never been.
  27. My favorite designers are Kate Spade and Trina Turk.
  28. My favorite color is pink, but I’m sure you knew that.
  29. I have the worst handwriting. It looks like a 5 year old boy’s penmanship. I usually write in cursive because my cursive is slightly better looking.
  30. My first job was 10th grade, I was a file clerk at a law firm. From there I worked as a waitress at a retirement community, “games manager” at a local park’s fair, a sales associate at a shoe store, swimsuit store and clothing boutique. Oh and I worked at my University’s writing center in college.
  31. I started my own business (Piqued PR) technically at 22 by freelancing but officially at 23.
  32. I purchased my first house at 23.
  33. My favorite things to do in my spare time are read magazines, travel, go to the pool or go shopping.
  34. My favorite places to shop are Posh Collections and Blink, locally. Tuckernuck and Sail to Sable online and Bloomingdales at the mall.
  35. I don’t have my ears pierced so I wear clip-ons from Lisi Lerch and antique stores. I technically did have them pierced 3 other times though.
  36. I love watching trashy reality tv like the Kardashians and Real Housewives and was obsessed with Gossip Girl and The OC. However, I do also really enjoy documentaries.
  37. Once I start something I commit, meaning even if I start a horrible Netflix movie, I will finish it until the end!
  38. My favorite books are The Great Gatsby, Rebecca and Jane Eyre. Followed by the Shopaholics series. Ha!
  39. My favorite movies are PS. I Love You, Elf, The Holiday, 500 Days of Summer, Gone With The Wind, Pride and Prejudice and How to Steal a Million. I LOVE Audrey Hepburn.
  40. Tomatos freak me out! I can’t eat them but I do like tomato sauce and ketchup.
  41. I put ketchup on everything… steak, chicken, eggs even green beans and corn!
  42. I had a doll named Candy Cane that I carried everywhere with me when I was little. She had velvet feet so I carried her upside down… until her foot fell off.
  43. I prefer dogs to cats. My first dog was a Rottweiler named Mati. I now have Abi a Jack Russell.
  44. I used to have 2 bunnies when I was little. My aunt gave me Sunlight then my mom-mom thought she was lonely so got me Moonlight. They hated each other though.
  45. I’m more handy than I look. I grew up making projects with my mom and dad in his wood shop and would enter my creations every year at the community fair.
  46. All that time building paid off because we had to completely renovate my house. Actually, there’s still work to be done.
  47. Every Saturday growing up I’d go shopping with my mom and mom-mom. I blame them for being a shopaholic.
  48. I have arthritis. After having a sore toe for months in college with no explanation my doctor finally diagnosed me with psoriatic arthritis. Yep, like the golfer!
  49. I love to travel and try to visit the art museum when I’m in a new city. I don’t know much about art but I appreciate it.
  50. I also love going to the ballet, theater, orchestra, etc. Growing up my mom and I had season tickets to the ballet and theater.
  51. Wicked is my favorite broadway show then Young Frankenstein.
  52. I don’t like beer. I prefer champagne.
  53. My favorite drink is an Elizabethtini from Pizza by Elizabeths.
  54. My favorite kind of food is Italian.
  55. I love pajama sets. Rarely will I wear an old tee and athletic shorts to sleep.
  56. I wish Juicy Couture velour tracksuits were still socially acceptable.
  57. I’m not crazy about one musical artist or band. Instead I have favorite songs. But if I had to pick it would be Coldplay or Michael Buble.
  58. I love all kinds of music except I don’t care for classic rock.
  59. I prefer sorbet to ice cream but also vanilla to chocolate.
  60. I’m always responsible for making deviled eggs at family parties.
  61. I lived in a college dorm for literally one night. I moved out the next day. Commuted then got an apartment (with my own room and bathroom) with Julia and Heather.
  62. I’ve only owned Jeeps.
  63. I collect paper cocktail napkins.
  64. My mom ALWAYS made me write thank you notes for everything growing up. I still continue to write them and appreciate her instilling that in me.
  65. Speaking of which, I love a beautiful stationary set and wish I still had a pen pal.
  66. My first blog was when I started college, before blogs really took off. It was called Fashion Penn Pal (as in Pennsylvania) and was ran through The Daily Local News. I regret not keeping it up.
  67. I love fashion but really don’t know how to do my own makeup and only wear my hair the same way everyday.
  68. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Honestly, I can’t see myself working a 9-5 corporate desk job. When I was little I wanted to own a dance studio. I kinda fell into PR naturally.
  69. Some other things I’d enjoy doing would be writing a book, teaching a class or owning a store. Who knows what the future holds!
  70. My house is tidy and organized but my car looks like I live in it. There are clothes, old water bottles and sadly you can even find a Chick-fil-a fry under my seat.
  71. It’s really hard for me to take a nap. I’ve never been a napper. I bargained with my preschool teacher to not make me nap if I gave her a back massage.
  72. I prefer no ice in my drinks.
  73. I’m only 5’1″ but everyone thinks I’m taller because I usually wear heels and wedges.
  74. Getting lost in an antique store is a great way to spend an afternoon. It’s all in the hunt.
  75. I collect ginger jars, clip-on earrings and brass figurines from antique stores.
  76. I once found a vintage Dior skirt and suit jacket set for $25 at an estate sale.
  77. I don’t like reading or watching the news because it stresses me out.
  78. I’m not scared of ghosts or witches or anything like that but I’m constantly paranoid about murderers and robbers. I still text my parents before I go for a run just incase I get kidnapped. Ha!
  79. I have a serious sweet tooth. My favorite candies are Swedish Fish, Milky Ways and gummy worms.
  80. My most prized possession is my great grandmother’s engagement ring. I wear it everyday.
  81. I took interior design classes in both high school and college but didn’t really get into it until I bought my first home.
  82. I’m really bad at math. My mom would do math flashcards with me while I waited for the bus and practice worksheets during the summer.
  83. The first thing I splurged on when I bought my house was recovering a pair of matching chairs from my grandparents. They are now bright pink and so me but I love how they remind me of family.
  84. My mom and dad are high school sweethearts and I hope to have a marriage like theirs someday. They are best friends and my friends are always commenting about how they always still hold hands everywhere.
  85. Breakfast is my favorite meal and I love it for dinner too.
  86. Middle school was the worst, I had a retainer then braces and glasses. Plus, I hadn’t yet discovered how to properly use a straightener or curling iron. #frizzfordays
  87. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Christmas eve is my parent’s anniversary and we always have family over.
  88. I still like to learn and take cooking classes, floral arranging classes, chicken raising classes and attend as many business seminars as I can.
  89. I cry at EVERYTHING! Seriously, if I’m slightly sad or hurt I’ll just start crying. I can cry at a movie or even just by thinking about something sad.
  90. I’m an introvert and genuinely enjoy time by myself. I think this stems from me being an only child.
  91. I celebrate my birthday the whole month of January by spending the weekends doing stuff I love like ice skating, skiing, or even just organizing dinners with friends.
  92. I make multiple to-do lists throughout the day. I’ll even write something I’ve already done just to cross it off.
  93. I believe in old school agenda books and don’t use the calendar on my phone.
  94. Sometimes I wonder how I passed my drivers test as I didn’t (and still don’t know how to parallel park). I also didn’t have to drive on the actual road to pass. My mom thought I failed because I came back so quick.
  95. I wish I was a better cook or maybe just enjoyed it more but I find it sort of stressful. I’m slowly learning to enjoy it though.
  96. My favorite flowers are hydrangeas but honestly I’ll take a bouquet of any fresh flowers.
  97. Despite that I like having fresh flowers in the house, I kill most plants… even a cactus once. The only survivors are spider plants.
  98. The fictional character Blair Waldorf is my fashion icon. I met Eric Daman Gossip Girl’s costume designer once at Nordstrom.
  99. My go to outfit is a fit and flare style dress.
  100. I’ll know I’ve made it once I have a walk-in closet or closet room. As a teen I used to think the same about getting a sunroof in the car. I have one of those now, so maybe I’ve halfway made it?

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